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Do You Have Haters? Miranda Sings Has A Song For You!

One of my favorite YouTube stars is Miranda Sings. And she has a lot of haters!

MIranda Sings Back Off

She gets negative comments – otherwise known as hate mail – on her singing, attitude, lipstick, talent, spelling, and even the way she dresses.

Some people just don’t like her, and they are not scared to tell her how they feel…behind the comfort of their YouTube profile.

But, the people that do like her, like her a lot.

Miranda Sings has always been very clear about her haters and how they can ‘back off’. You can even buy sweatpants, an iPhone case, and a shirt that say ‘HATERS BACK OFF’.

She recently put out a song to all her haters, and if you have haters – or know someone who has haters – then you may want to share this song.

Miranda Sings may be a little rude, short-tempered, and clueless sometimes, but at least she tries.

I think that’s a lesson we can all take from her. As long as you try, you can get the fans or the success you are looking for – so don’t let the haters get you down. Keep moving forward.

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