Why Meghan Trainor’s Photoshopped Video Is A Good Thing For Body Image

Even a Photoshop scandal can reveal a truth we all need to know.

You’ve probably heard about it already. Meghan Trainor was photoshopped in the video “Me Too” and she claims that she took it down until it was fixed.

There is a lot of speculation that she knew she had been photoshopped, and this is just a stunt to increase her popularity. Personally, I can’t see anyone going over her head and publishing a video that’s been photoshopped without her knowledge. Moreover, she had to have watched it at least once before it was published. Right?

The real #metoo video is finally up! Missed that bass. Thank you everyone for the support 💙

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Why It Doesn’t Really Matter What Happened

The fact is that it WAS photoshopped and now it’s not. That’s the bottom line.

Meghan Trainor may have staged it all as a publicity stunt to look like she’s standing up for herself, but the message we can take from it remains the same. Many of the ‘perfect’ people we see in pictures and videos have bodies that are computer-generated. We are being tricked into believing that their bodies look a certain way, and then we are trying to copy a computer-generated look in real life.

We are being tricked by the media, and it is hurting our ability to be happy with ourselves. Our perception of what ‘beautiful’ means is being challenged every single day by the media and comments about these computer-generated bodies that make us think they are what ‘beautiful’ really looks like.

We Need To Stop Falling For These Tricks In Order To Be Happy With Our Bodies

It’s not only altered bodies that are messing with our perception of what beautiful looks like. There are plenty of tricks out there that are contributing to our inability to love our body that way it is.

For instance, in the following Facebook post, a boyfriend shares a picture of him wearing his girlfriend’s XL clothes. Obviously, he’s not a big guy, but most women see an XL tag and see themselves as an extra large person!

I know this all too well. As a big-chested woman, a 1X or a 2X shirt can make me feel horrible when I think of what the size really stands for. It’s telling me that not only am I large or extra large, but I’ve moved into a place beyond that. Despite my husband’s constant assurance that I’m not that big, the tag on my shirt tells me otherwise.

There is a lot of pressure to look a certain way, especially for women, which is one of the reasons why a lot of women think they are fat. When we are not living up to what we see on TV or in pictures and videos, we feel horrible about ourselves. But the fact is that what we are seeing is probably not real anyway!

Two Big Takeaways From Meghan Trainor’s Photoshopped Video

I’m glad that this photoshop issue came up whether it is real or not. It shines a light on what media is doing, and it gives some powerful messages that can hopefully help affect everyone’s beliefs on how they look.

1. The Media Twists ‘Beautiful’ Into Something Unrealistic

The next time you start to think that people on TV or in videos or pictures are perfect, remember the ‘Me Too’ photoshop incident. Remember that Meghan Trainor’s body had been reduced widthwise and apparently lengthened, and it wasn’t a true representation of her body. The chances are that this is happening in a lot of ways through media, and what you see on your screen has likely been distorted in some way to mess with your perception.

It doesn’t matter if she did it as a publicity stunt. It matters that it can actually be done! Personally, I knew that photos could be alerted, but I didn’t realize that videos could be altered in that way. This was a huge lesson for me in terms of perception and everything not being as it seems.

While we are starting to change what is considered beautiful, media is always going to try and challenge our beliefs by throwing unrealistic images and thoughts in our faces.

We need to stop letting them twist our beliefs by making us think that we do not all come in different shapes and sizes. We do! Let’s celebrate that fact, not deny it.

And we need to stop letting them twist our beliefs about what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to beauty. We are all acceptable.

2. When You Are Confident In Yourself, People Find You Sexy

Part of what Meghan Trainor is known for is owning your body and loving it. Even when she said ‘missed that bass’ in her Instagram post, we all knew what she was talking about. She became well-known for celebrating her body and helping other people celebrate theirs.

Watching her talk about her ‘bomb waist’ in her Snapchat video makes her even sexier. Not just when she is talking, but also when you watch her actual Me Too music video. Her confidence makes her sexier.

Confidence equals sexy in real life. You can’t help but find a confident person attractive. You can’t help but be drawn to them.

And when you are confident in yourself, you will also like yourself more! That’s a huge bonus to owning your body and loving it, despite whether it is has been spanxed, photoshopped, or altered in any other way.

How did you feel about Meghan Trainor’s Photoshop incident? Please share in the comments below.

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