Meet Tat And Learn Why She Quit Dancing For 5 Years

I have had my share of unhealthy relationships, and while I don’t think they slowed me down from any dreams or goals – mostly because I didn’t have a lot back then – I did have some that stopped me from being happy as I struggled with the poor relationship.

But I have had many friends and family members who have stopped short of their dreams because of their partner’s disagreement with them!

The next interview in the ‘Despite Dream Crushers‘ interview series deals directly with that issue.

Meet Tat Apostolova

Tat Apostolova

Tat Apostolova

twitter muminsearchTat is a blogger, and certified ARTbundance™ coach and practitioner, who helps mums explore their true selves and dreams through a variety of ways.

Q. What Dream Of Yours Did Someone Try To Destroy?

One of my dreams since I’ve been a child has been to enter a ballroom dancing competition (this is still work in progress).

Q. How Did They Try To Destroy It?

I had a boyfriend who was opposed to me taking dancing lessons. He didn’t want to dance with me and at the same time he didn’t want me to dance with anyone else, “Dance is passion,” he said, “And it can turn from just acting into reality.”

Q. Did You Let Them Slow You Down or Stop You, or Did You Keep on Moving?

I find it hard to believe now, but I let him stop me! Instead of seeing it for what it was (my boyfriend had no trust in me and he was crossing my personal boundaries by trying to control me), I took his words at face value and quit dancing for 5 long years.

Q. Any Advice for People Dealing With Someone Who Is Trying To Destroy Their Dreams?

My relationship predictably ended and I was back in the studio shortly after that. I could have saved myself years of emotional pain by heeding the early signs and taking a stand for myself. For anyone in the same situation I’d say run away from that relationship. If someone truly cares about you, they will support you in following your dreams.

Relationships Should Not Be Restrictive

When a relationship gets restrictive, where one person is trying to dictate what the other does in their life, then that’s an abusive relationship.

When someone tries to maintain power over you…that is abusive. It is cruel to try to hold someone back from living their purpose and their passion.

Healthy relationships are all about support and encouragement, not jealousy or control. If you are in an unhealthy relationship, take Tat’s advice – run away from it – and then find someone who supports you and your dreams.

Note: Do you have a story to share about how someone tried to crush your dreams? Please go here and share your story with me. I would love to hear it!

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  1. Hello Tat! This is such a nice blog. It has motivated me a lot. I also believe that if you have passion about something no one can stop you to do that. I appreciate your blog keep sharing useful thoughts.

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