Meet Connor Who Is Spreading His Good Vibes Despite What Anyone Says

The other day my husband and I were talking about how hard social media makes it on younger people. They have had to grow up with attacks on the Internet where people they know can hide behind fake accounts.

The next day I received a new response to my ‘Despite Dream Crushers‘ interview series from Connor who wants to be successful online and become a successful entrepreneur, and it hit me that people who want to be successful online have to deal with double the amount of haters than other people do. Not only will people who know them try to crush their dreams, but people who don’t know them will too!

It takes a lot of courage to push onward towards your dreams when you are receiving harsh tweets and rude comments, plus a lack of support from real life people, such as family.

Meet Connor Edlinger Olivier (CEO)



Twitter: TheConnorCEO

Facebook: Connor Olivier

Google Plus: Connor Olivier

Connor is a motivational speaker, YouTuber, musician, blogger, and all around good guy with an obvious zest for life!

Conner’s Dream: Be Successful In A Number Of Different Areas

Q. What Dream Of Yours Did Someone Try To Destroy?

I had a rough experience with people trying to destroy my dreams for years. My dream is to be a successful musician, Viner, YouTuber, Blogger, and entrepreneur. In high school I released my first musical project and it seemed as everyone tried to bag on my hard work. Granted I did wake up at 4 am everyday for a month to go post 10,000 fliers at high schools in an hour radius from me. It seemed as if my whole area I lived in was against me.

Q. How Did They Try To Destroy It?

The way that people tried destroying my dream was tweeting harsh things at me. Commenting rude things but I never really cared or got affected by it. There was also verbal comments bashing at what I created and what I was going for. They tried everything, even making fake accounts. People would make fun of what I did and try to get me to stop. My parents also didn’t support it at the time so it felt as my whole world was against me. But I prevailed.

Q. Did You Let Them Slow You Down or Stop You, or Did You Keep on Moving?

I tried my hardest to keep moving. I always pushed but sometimes it got hard. I’ll be honest at some times it did slow me down but I never completely stopped. I started making new content every once in a while, but not enough to say I was dedicated. I eventually got over all of that stuff and I now am just full force into all my work and the outcome has been amazing. Even saved lives with my music!

Q. Any Advice for People Dealing With Someone Who Is Trying To Destroy Their Dreams?

My advice is to honestly not to take everything to heart. Try to take everything as constructive criticism and the push to become better at what you’re trying to do. Don’t stop ever. If you have a passion and you know deep down it’s who you are and what you want. Do it, and don’t let anyone or anything get in your way. Even when it gets hard and things seem like they are crashing and there is nothing left to do – keep going, just don’t stop. If you love it enough you will, and I promise that dream of yours will turn into your reality. Never stop dreaming. It may sound cheesy, but I’m telling you it’s the truth.

Note: Do you have a story to share about how someone tried to crush your dreams? Please go here and share your story with me. I would love to hear it!

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