Making Time For Eachother

The Important Habit Of Making Time For Others

My husband and I have always had a date night on our weekly schedule. Sometimes we don’t actually go on a date, though. Sometimes there are other things that get in the way of that date, and 99% of the time they are useless things that we think are going to make up happy. You know, like watching TV. But, recently I’ve been reminded that making our time together a priority will always make us much happier.

The Important Habit Of Making Time For Eachother

Lately, we have been spending every Saturday morning taking a course together. No excuses. The course is important to us and we both want to make sure we do as much as possible with it. As we’ve committed to the course, we’ve committed to each other, and I’ve remembered just how important the habit of making time for others is.

I think this applies to anyone, whether it’s your lover, friend, parent, or kid. Scheduling in the time can be exciting, but making the time to follow through with that schedule is rewarding.

There are four big benefits of making time for others:

1. You Both Look Forward To The Same Thing

We look forward to our Saturday morning time together now. It’s exciting because we know that we will be doing something together that is going to be meaningful to both of us. We find ourselves talking about how there are three or two more days until our course time, and we get excited about it.

We also have my parents over for supper on the first Sunday of every month. That’s something we look forward to with them. We know they are coming, we plan out the meals, we talk with them about coming over, and it is something that we all look forward to as a group.

The bottom line is that we get excited together, and that causes us to stay connected as we do our separate things. We think about each other and have an invisible connection that only we can see.

But, it’s not just about the time leading up to getting together…

2. You bond when you actually get together!

The great thing about scheduling time in together is that you can choose that activity that you both want to do. There’s no debating where to go. There’s no settling. You pick an activity that excites you both and then you do it.

What does that mean for your relationship? You bond. You grow closer as you share a moment doing something that you both love to do.

In our case, we are bonding over our personal growth. The course we are taking is focused on creating wealth and being spiritual in the process. It’s something we are both passionate about, and sharing the experience of learning new concepts and implementing new ideas is awesome.

3. You Don’t Regret Anything

I know how painful it is to avoid making time for others who really matter. When my grandpa was alive, I never thought I would lose him. So, if a guy asked me to go out, I chose the guy over my grandpa. Sometimes I chose to sit around and do nothing rather than go visit my grandpa. Why? I was young and didn’t understand the value of making time for others before you can’t make time for them.

Regret is painful and it takes you further away from happiness. Trust me, I know. And self-forgiveness doesn’t always come easy or fast.

4. It Leads To Even more Quality Time

When you make time for others, you do something that you agree upon. Whether it is sitting around having a coffee, taking a course, or going out, you are doing something that makes you feel good. And that leads into wanting more quality time together. You want to spend time together. You want to continue feeling good. And all of that boils down to more time together and more happiness in your life.

The Simple Habit Of Making Time For Someone Special Will Make You Happier

So many of us are great are scheduling in stuff with friends and family but not following through. That’s because we are not in the habit of following through with those dates.

Our habits are what we do.

Cancelling dates can be a habit, and if it is for you, then you probably cancel a lot of dates – many more than you follow through with.

You have to get into the habit of not just scheduling in time for someone special, but actually making that time important enough that it’s a big part of your week.

How can you do this?

Make spending time with people extremely important in your life. The more importance you give to meeting up with someone, the more likely you will be to do it – no matter what else happens.

  • Remind yourself of how important they are to you.
  • Remind yourself of how valuable spending time with them is to your happiness.
  • Remind yourself how much they love you and support you.
  • Remind yourself how much they need you!
  • Remind yourself of how important strong relationships are for your happiness!

Tell yourself some simple and positive truths about your relationship with them and then keep reminding yourself of those truths as you move towards your special time together.

Trust me, if you do that, you will not break the date. It will feel important to you, and it will become a priority that you just don’t want to break – even if you don’t feel like getting together, life feels too busy, or any other excuse comes to mind.

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