Make Your First Date Awesome So You Can Get A Second Date!

first date

The first date is exciting, but it can also be the last date if you end up screwing it up. There are so many things you can do wrong on a first date that it is best not to think about that and, instead, focus on how to make your first date awesome!

Show Up On Time

Do not show up late for your first date. Your punctuality will say a lot about you and your future actions when it comes to showing up on time, being there when they need you, and standing by your promises. Yes, it means that much!

Leave early and go somewhere close by to where you first date is going to be. It is always better safe than sorry.

Bring Along Your Sense Of Humor

Statistics show that one of the top traits that people look for on a date is a sense of humor. Without it, you might as well say good-bye to the second date.

Laugh off issues that occur during the date (bad waiter, long line up, etc.)

Take every chance you get to make your date laugh.

Don’t go overboard, though, or you will start to look cheesy. Just be naturally funny and grab hold of opportunities when you see them.

Without Question, You Have To Smell Good

The first date is the time to spray on some cologne or perfume, preferably one that is unique and actually smells good on you. Smell can influence the way your date feels about you in a big way.

Of course, body odor will turn them off, but if you are wearing a perfume or cologne that reminds them of a person or situation that they were not happy with, that can turn them off too.

This is why it is important to get a relatively new scent, or a unique scent made just for you. Again, better safe than sorry.

Be Optimistic About Life, Yourself, And Everything

The person you are going on a first date with is looking to see if you are someone they would want to go on another date with, and eventually spend their life with. It is always a thought in the back of their mind (and yours too). You have to take your attitude into consideration.

Nobody wants a grumpy, pessimistic person in their life forever. Optimism is a much more desirable trait for the long-term because it shows that you are going to go after your goals, stay positive in the face of struggles, and be a pleasant partner to be around.

In short, be optimistic and let your date know that you are someone who they will want to be with for the long-haul.

Other Considerations

There are going to be some things that are out of your control. As long as you have the above things down, your first date should go pretty smoothly. But there are some other things you may want to consider.

  • Have money ready so you don’t look cheap.
  • Have a plan in place so that the date runs smoothly (otherwise, you may spend too much time looking for somewhere to go.)
  • Stay off your cell phone for the date. It is rude to talk on it and makes your date question your interest in them.
  • Don’t just talk about yourself; listen to your date and show interest by actually paying attention.

Got any other suggestions? Share in the comments below!

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