Lucid Dream Quest

The Quest For A Full Lucid Dream Continues With The Help Of Charlie Morley

About three weeks ago, I read Lucid Dreaming: A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming Conscious in Your Dreams by Charlie Morley. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to have a lucid dream using the techniques taught in the book. And I haven’t had much success, until the night before last.

Lucid Dreaming: Guide To Becoming Conscious in Your Dreams

One of the things I’ve been practicing from the book is checking to see if I’m dreaming or not by looking at my hand. Apparently, when you are dreaming, you can’t maintain an image exactly the same from one scene to the next. So, as you flip your hand around, it’s going to change into something else. It might dim. It might grow. It might turn purple. Or, as it did for me the other night, you might start to see right through it.

But my hand wasn’t what tipped me off about the dream. One of the other things you are supposed to look for are things that couldn’t possibly be true in your waking life.

For instance, talking to a dead relative or riding a unicorn through a hurricane. You know, the things dreams are made of. So, every night before bed, I’ve been trying to get it through to my subconscious to watch for things that can’t be true. And, for almost three weeks it was useless.

Each night, I would wake up from a dream that was absolutely ridiculous and think ‘Seriously? You couldn’t tell that was a dream when you were in it?’ Then I would fall back asleep and have another ridiculous dream and not recognize it was a dream.

Another thing Charlie talks about in the book is looking for common themes in your dreams that indicate it’s a dream. For instance, I often dream of being at my Grandpa’s house in my dreams. My Grandpa passed away a long time ago, but his house seems to be a central point for a lot of my dreams. I’ve been trying to drill recurring dream scenarios like that in my head so, hopefully, I can spot them while I’m dreaming.

So far, it hasn’t worked.

But the other night, I watched a blanket turn into a chair in my dream… and it didn’t faze me. But then the person sitting on the chair was wearing brown and when I turned my head away for a second and looked back, I amazingly noticed that he was now wearing blue! I quickly looked at my hand, flipped it around, and watched as my hand became transparent.

I got so excited that I yelled ‘THIS IS A DREAM!!!!!’ and I watched as everything in the room came into focus (as it would in my waking life) so that I could dictate what was going to happen next. Unfortunately, I had too much emotional intensity going on while trying to decide what to do, and the dreaded haze came and I knew that I was losing my lucidity. And I did.

But I’m still thankful that it happened! I was starting to wonder if I would ever realize I was dreaming again.

Lucid Dreaming: The Beginner’s Guide

I’ve had lucid dreams before – when I was younger, but I haven’t been able to have them for a long time. This book by Charlie Morley was the first thing I saw when I went into Chapters to buy a book on lucid dreaming, so I got it. And I’m glad I did. I plan to buy another book of his that, he says, goes more in depth into lucid dreaming.

However, Lucid Dreaming: A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming Conscious in Your Dreams is great for learning more about lucid dreaming and gathering some techniques to help set you up for a great chance of having a lucid dream.

There are a lot of great techniques to try out and insight about being lucid in your dreams in the book, and it will stick out in your mind as you go through your day (or weeks) which can only help improve the chances of your mind picking up on it in a dream and bringing about lucidity.

Want a taste of his passion for lucid dreaming? In the following Ted talk, Charlie talks about your nightmares (which is one of the things he talks about in the book) and lucid dreaming.

I was talking to my dad about ‘the shadow’ because when I was reading this book, my husband and I were staying at my parent’s place for a few nights. That same night he had a recurring nightmare where something was trying to pull him to the other side.

Usually, he senses hands coming up from under the bed trying to drag him to his death. It’s so bad that he has stopped breathing and my mom has had to wake him up. But this time it was the shadows trying to pull him down. He still struggled and my mom still had to wake him up.

When he told me, I instantly remembered what the book had talked about with the shadows, and I tried to explain it to my dad, but he was convinced that something from the other side was trying to kill him and completely ignored what the shadows could really mean for him. There was no way he was going to embrace this shadow (and embrace some deeper part of himself), like Charlie says to do.

If You Are Interested In Lucid Dreaming, Get The Book

In the end, if you are interested in lucid dreaming, I recommend the book. Every single day since I read it, I’ve been thinking about some of the information and techniques it contained. Even though it’s working slowly for me, I do accredit that constant thinking about the book to the quick and awesome lucid dream I had the other night.

Because I know the benefits of lucid dreaming, I’m hoping that soon lucid dreaming will be more of a nightly thing for me than something I am desperately trying to have.

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