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Top 10 Things That Make You Look Egotistical

Top Things That Make You Look Egotistical

Here is the irony, if you are egotistical, you may not care if you look egotistical or not because you are too self-absorbed to care what other people think! But, if you are one of those people who do care, and don’t want to look like a self-centered and vain person, then following are the top 10 things that make you look like you are not focused on much else besides me, myself, and I.

1. You Post Your Workout Schedule Or Weight Loss Results On Facebook

There are many ways that you can keep track of your workout schedule and weight loss. You can write it down in an excel sheet, use one of the apps out there created to keep track of it all, or go to a fitness or health forum and post a public schedule where there are a bunch of people waiting to encourage you and have you encourage them. But, when you continually post on Facebook your latest calories burned, nobody cares.

No one wants to know about your latest calorie burn, and when you post things like that, it makes you look like you are saying, “Hey, I am working out and here is the proof to show how obsessed I am about my appearance, weight, and ability to work out for this exact amount of time. I NEED you to know about me and my desire to look better. Do you see it?”

2. You Judge Other People – Constantly

When you judge other people, you are saying that you are better than they are. When you judge their weight, hair, face, color, choices, or anything else, you are literally saying – they are wrong and I am right. Things like, “Oh my god, I can’t believe she’s wearing that!” or “Does he know how stupid he looks?” are what make you look judgmental to other people.

Now, I’m no idiot. I know that secretly we all judge other people sometimes. It is a part of being human. But when you make it known to other people how wrong they are, continuously, then you come across as very conceited to others.

3. You Don’t Listen To Other People When They Talk

I get it, communication can be hard. It is hard to listen to someone else without thinking about what you are going to say next. But when you have a conversation with someone, it has to be a two-way street.

If you do all the talking and dominate the conversation, then it is essentially a monologue, not a conversation. And, when you don’t ‘really’ care what the other person is saying (if you cared, you would be listening to them), you come across as egotistic.

4. You Think Everyone Notices You When You Walk Into…Anywhere

Whether you walk into a store, coffee shop, or party – you actually believe that everyone takes their attention off what they are doing and puts it on you. You have a ‘knowing’ that you are the sexiest and coolest person at the party, and everyone secretly wishes they could be with you.

But knowing is not enough. You smile a sly smile at everyone because you know you are the shit, and by doing so, they get to see your true inner-self: egotistical.

5. You Think All Of Your Friend’s Partners Want You

You believe that you are the catch of all catches and your friend’s partners secretly want to get with you. This causes you to be your sexiest self around them because, why not live up to their expectation?

Here is the thing: Your friends SEE your change in attitude around their partner. They know that you are acting weird and more flirty, confident, and sexual around their partner, and they SEE the blatant egotistical attitude that you are giving off.

6. You Laugh When Other People Tell You Their Feelings Or Beliefs – Or Anything Personal That You Don’t Agree With

You are so egotistical that you actually laugh when your friend tells you that she is scared of water or ghosts or whatever else you think is stupid. When you laugh, you are sending the message loud and clear that you don’t share their belief and, furthermore, their belief is stupid and worth laughing at. That’s the best way to put someone else down and shine a light on ‘how right’ you are.

7. You Play Games With People You Are Intimately Interested In

When you lack respect for other people’s feelings, and consider your needs and desires more important, you are willing to play games with other people in order to get what you want.

You may pretend to be what they are looking for, or you may be the type of person that tries to make them feel inferior to you so that you can have the upper hand with them. Either way, you are manipulating them so that they end up giving you what you want, and that is a very egotistical thing to do.

8. You Cannot Go Out Of The House With A Lot Of Prep Work

There are some people who take hours to get out of the house. They have to do their hair just right and spend a lot of time worrying about what outfit will have what impression on the people they run into.

I can understand this when you are going out with friends or going to a party, but when you are going to get groceries from your local store and you have to ‘get ready’ first, you are obviously concerned that other people will think less of you if you are not perfect.

Putting that much weight on what other people think of you – and how you will affect their lives if you show up in sweats – is egotistical.

9. You Openly Call Yourself Hot In Front Of Everyone

You can be sexy, and humble.

When you are loud about how sexy you are, then you have crossed the line into egotistical. Why? Because you have to make it known that you know that you are hot – and ensure that you know that they heard that you are hot. It is a self-centered thing to do. People who are not concerned with their self-image in a huge way do not need to tell other people who they are and what makes them great.

10. You Talk About How Fat You Are In Front Of Your Fat Friends

If you have a nice body, and weigh a healthy weight, then you have no right to talk about your fat problems in front of people who are obviously fatter than you.

Complaining about your weight in front of someone who weighs more than you is like saying, “I’m SO FAT! And because I am SO FAT, you must be a WHALE!  You should be ashamed of yourself!”

Seriously, if you are healthy and call yourself fat around other people, then those people are going to wonder what your opinion of them really is. It shows that you don’t’ really think about other people’s feelings, and it is very egotistical.

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        1. Hey Siva, I’ll have to write some articles on these topics, but in short – Become more aware and develop emotional intelligence. Awareness means having the ability to see outside of your bubble and how you affect other people and the world around you, and to see how they affect you. Emotional intelligence means being able to express your emotions in a way that is sensitive to others.

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