Life Quotes

This collection of life quotes is meant to motivate and inspire you. These are some of the best quotes I’ve found on living a happy life and they address everything from change to love. These quotes come from a variety of books, videos, articles, and lectures. Often I’ll listen to something new and inspiring and take a quote from what I heard.

If you need some help in any area of your life, then these quotes can help. We will discuss them briefly and sometimes use examples to help illustrate what they mean. Remember, every quote can impact your life in some way. With awareness comes change, and that’s exactly what quotes are for. They are meant to inspire thought and change perception and help you in an area of your life that you need help in.

Make sure to leave a comment below your favorite life quote on how it affected you or made you think – or just leave a comment about the reason you are searching out life quotes in the first place!