A Libra Woman Concept

The Libra Woman: Motherhood, Love, And Career

The Libra woman adores her friends and family and she is the most social of butterflies that you are likely to come across. She loves to be around people and has an infectious sense of humour which sparkles in a sophisticated and charming way. The Libra woman has great taste and loves luxurious items in her home, and she is a bit of a designer label fan so her clothes are often likely to be well-matched and rich in colours.

The Libra Woman

The Libra Mother

The Libra mother is always proud of her offspring and cheers them on throughout their lives to do their best at school and to strive in their careers. She is very much a hands-on mom, always having a magical energy that comes from nowhere, no matter how tired she is. She is confident yet laid back, but expects her children to be polite and well-mannered, never tolerating rudeness. The Libra mom tells it how it is and can be very direct with her words, perhaps occasionally lacking in sensitivity and appearing stubborn. She can be calm and cool on the exterior, yet anxious on the inside, often concerned if she is making the right decisions for her clan.

Libra in Love

The Libra woman loves interesting people and finds quirkiness intriguing. She expects her partner to be respectful, courteous with everyone and to be a great talker.

Couple In Love: Libra Woman

Libra loves to talk and will happily waffle on until the early hours of the morning, excitedly talking about her hopes, dreams and aspirations. The Libra woman loves romance and enjoys being charmed as long as he is genuine, and not just a smooth-talker which she will pick up on quickly. Once she has fallen in love, she will be loyal, supportive and by your side forever. Compatible signs for Libra women are:

  • Libra Man: Two of a kind and potentially a perfect match made in heaven. They harmonise in social settings and love to surround themselves with friends and family.
  • Scorpio Man: He is the wonderful charmer that knows exactly how to captivate the Libra woman. This could start as a very sexual connection, with potential for a long-term relationship.
  • Aries Man: The Aries man is quietly in control and the Libra woman finds this attractive. This relationship may start based on friendship, developing from a comfortable feeling of mutual trust.
  • Leo Man: The Leo man has an energy that matches Libra. He too shares the important need for friendships, desire for children and is also devoted to his family. This couple could have long-term potential with a lot of fun along the way.

The Libra Career Woman

You will often find a Libra woman in a senior position in business. They seem to have a professional knack of gaining a position of power alongside excellent communication skills with their colleagues. They certainly do not abuse their position of power and are respected for their knowledge and can-do attitude. They are not control freaks and if anything, have a somewhat relaxed approach to the working environment, but will always ensure the job is done efficiently. She may get bad tempered if mistakes are made but as soon as they are corrected, she will be fine again. The Libra woman is good to have on your side at work, as she is always fair and dislikes anyone being mistreated.

Libra Career Business Woman
The Typical Libra Woman

A typical Libra woman has wonderful charisma, many friends and a family that adores her. Her energy for life is undeniable and although she may sometimes appear calm on the outside, her mind will always be busy planning several projects that need to be done. She has mastered the art of multi-tasking and even when she has a million things to do, she appears in control and knows when to switch off from it all. She is a happy homemaker, a successful businesswoman, a loving partner and a wonderful mother.

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