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How To Keep The Faith And Trust In Your Business

have faith and trust in business
Worrying About Your Business?

We have all had painful and challenging experiences in our businesses. Failures and mistakes that have hurt ourselves and hurt other people have happened to the best of us. However, those of us that can continue to put our faith and trust into our career and businesses, are the ones that are moving forward and know that we will be okay.

Other people are not capable of pushing you forward, so you have to do that on your own. In fact, many people will try to bring you down from your deepest desires. That is where faith and trust come in.

How To Develop Faith And Trust In Your Business?

Find something more deeply true than your doubts and fears.

For instance, you may make a mistake and sell your business for way less than it is worth. This sucks, and if you didn’t have faith and trust that you could do better, you may want to just give up considering your hard work didn’t get what it should have.

However, if you do have faith and trust, then you will see that you can create another business (you’ve already done it!) but this time get a better price for what you have done, and even improve upon your business model to get an even bigger price.

Lately I have been viewing my failures in a whole new way, and that has allowed me to put faith and trust towards my future as well as be happier in my business.

Failures are just lessons. They are not bad or good, they just are. They teach you what you shouldn’t do and if you learn from them, you can grow exponentially!

Other Ways To Gain Faith And Trust In Your Business

Put It In Perspective

Having a hard time working through your failures? Not finding a lot of faith or trust? Try asking yourself this question: What is the consequence of not having faith and trust? Often when you think of that, the pain will be more unbearable than putting your faith and trust into the business.

For instance, various answers could be:

  • I will not go after my dreams or goals
  • I will not end up with the life I want
  • I will not improve my income by a large amount of money
  • I will be stuck where I am if I don’t keep moving forward
  • I will never know if I could have accomplished it
  • I will not contribute to the world in the way that I want to…

For me, those consequences are far worse than putting my faith and trust into my business and moving forward. How about for you?

Surround Yourself With Other People Who Have Faith And Trust In Their Businesses

I’m very lucky to have my husband, who has the same faith as I do, and the same trust in the universe and our abilities. We keep moving forward, hand in hand, and it is amazing to have that support.

But he is not the only place I seek support from. There are complete strangers online who can offer support – especially people who are heading in the same direction as you or, better yet, who have found success.

All you have to do is look them up and listen to their story for inspiration to keep moving forward.

Keep Moving Forward

Despite your failures or mistakes, you are still okay. You’re here! You are still capable of making decisions in your life that either push you forward or backwards. That perspective can help you to keep moving forward no matter what.

If you take a look back at yourself a few years ago, you will see someone who had faith and trust that you could become something better, and you’ve been okay up until now. Keep moving forward and see who you will be in another few years.

2 thoughts on “How To Keep The Faith And Trust In Your Business”

  1. Excellent post Kari!

    And you certainly have the right attitude towards life’s temporary setbacks and disappointments! because as you pointed out, we all certainly face them.

    But as long as we learn from them and don’t get derailed by them as you advocate for! That’s what’s really important.

    Because like you pointed out, these are merely opportunities to learn and grow and our chance to become wiser, stronger more knowledgeable, success driven entrepreneurs!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for commenting mark. My husband is currently going through some struggles in his business, and we were talking about this just last night. Everything is not happening as a punishment, but rather a lesson that will benefit him in the future.

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