Josh Duggar Preaching ‘Family Values’

Josh Duggar Family Values

I don’t normally talk about current events on this blog, but I had to approach the 19 Kids And Counting Josh Duggar topic. While I have never been aligned with MANY of their beliefs, I still respected them for one thing.

I don’t want kids, and I believe that many people shouldn’t have kids, but Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were always two people that I thought should have kids.

Obviously I haven’t seen their personal lives, but from what I had seen, they are kind, loving, smart, disciplined, and patient with their kids. They care about their kids. They put effort into their kids. And that’s why I’ve respected them. (I’ve since learned to do my research instead of trusting a reality show.)

So, even though I don’t agree with their religious views, I still thought they were good parents. Even when I read this rant from Jessa Duggar, and I was totally turned off her, I still thought they were good parents.

And just a few weeks ago I was telling my husband how amazed I was that all of their kids had turned out so good without one kid rebelling or doing something horrible – like what Josh Duggar did.

I’m sure there will be many things that will come out in the following weeks about this story. I’ve already heard things like Jim Bob didn’t report this issue for over a year, which is so wrong that it’s sickening. What about those girls? Don’t they deserve someone to quickly take action for them?

How can you let incest happen in the family and not show the children that were molested that you stand behind them by taking real action against the perpetrator?

“…rather than seek out traditional counseling and treatment for their son, according to police reports, they instead had him do construction work for a friend of the family, believing that hard labor would be the solution to their son’s problem..” – Yahoo Health

After doing some more research on them, and finding out that Josh, Jim Bob, and Michelle Duggar have a lot to say on what they think is right in this world, my respect for the Duggar family is gone.

I strongly believe that you have to practice what you preach.

  • If you preach love, you shouldn’t hate.
  • If you preach equality, you can’t segregate.
  • If you preach family values, you should let good families, regardless of who the parents are, promote good values in the family.
  • If you preach side hugs until marriage, you can’t allow your son to fondle little girls, tell you that he’s all better now because he has been forgiven, and then keep preaching as if you have never done anything wrong.

I think they should have opened up about this BEFORE they put their TV show on – BEFORE they openly preached to other people about what they think is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ when they have done the wrong and not disclosed it.

A Tweet On The Duggar Issue That Stands Out To Me

This is not okay…

It’s so hypocritical to say, “Let the people’s voice be heard and let’s stand together for marriage.” But that’s for another article. 

I don’t think that people have the right to hate or segregate people who are different than them, and I don’t believe that people have the right to preach anything when they have not been fully open about themselves.

While there is a lot more I found disgusting while researching Jim Bob, Michelle, and Josh Duggar, the whole family shouldn’t have that kind of power to preach about family values against people who DO HAVE family values.

In short, I’ve lost respect for the Duggars – and if I had done my research to begin with, I wouldn’t have respected them in the first place. I hope TLC keeps their show off the air now. It’s not fair to offer them that kind of platform and power.

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