Interview With Marie Beausoleil from Just Plain Marie

The other day someone close to me tried to tell me that what I was doing for work was not going to pay off in the end. In fact, he told me that I should actively be looking for something else starting right now.

He tried to make me feel bad about what I was doing by telling me that I was hurting someone I loved (even though I knew I wasn’t), and I left the conversation questioning myself and my actions.

After I talked to my husband, and regained my desire to go after my dreams, I realized that a lot of people have likely faced or were facing this kind of person (or people) in their life.

So, I decided to start an interview series on this issue called ‘Despite Dream Crushers…’

Living Off The Grid While Writing Online?

Marie Beausoleil

Marie Beausoleil

Facebook Find Just Plain Marie On FacebookI’m a mother of six and an off-grid homesteader.

In Nova Scotia, Marie lives off solar electricity (which I believe more of us should be doing), and she says that she is installing a new composting toilet – which I need to hear more about.

There’s much more to her and her life. And, if you are interested in her journey, then you will want to check out this interview with her.

Q. What Dream Of Yours Did Someone Try To Destroy?

Marie BeausoleilFrom the time I could put words to paper, I wanted to write. When I was 13, I visited the mountain homestead where my grandfather grew up, and I knew I wanted to live there.

Q. How Did They Try To Destroy It?

Marie BeausoleilWriting was described as “a pipe dream” and a foolish plan. I was encouraged to do anything else – writing was something to do as a hobby. Unless you were the very rare person like Stephen King (and I do not know why he was always brought up as an example), you will never make money with the written word.  As for the mountain homestead, I was flat out laughed at. This was 1985, and I was told that it was impossible to live without running water or public utilities. It simply was not possible. Over and over again, I was told the same thing. Clearly I was a foolish dreamer with unreal expectations about life.

Q. Did You Let Them Slow You Down or Stop You, or Did You Keep on Moving?

Marie BeausoleilFor a long time, I gave up. With writing, I played around with writing fiction, because I mistakedly thought that that was where my strengths lay. Then life intervened, and I had children. I longed to write and I longed to live on my mountain homestead. It stopped me for years, and I had major problems with depression.

Q. Any Advice for People Dealing With Someone Who Is Trying To Destroy Their Dreams?

Marie Beausoleil🙂 Don’t give up. I’m 42 now, and the mother of six children. Finally I took the jump and … I write a blog that I love, with readers who give me constant feedback. And, just as importantly, I blog about my life and experiences while living on my remote, off-grid mountain homestead!  Maybe I needed those years in order to recognize how happy I am now.

Dreams Do Come True!

I can’t tell you how much Marie’s story inspired me. She is living the life of her dreams in many different ways. I hope it inspired you! And, if you are interested in her lifestyle, her blog is really interesting as well. I highly recommend checking it out!

Note: Do you have a story to share about how someone tried to crush your dreams? Please go here and share your story with me. I would love to hear it!

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