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Interview With 5 People Who Are Happy In Their Career

Interview With People Who Are Truly Happy In Their Career

Do you hate getting up for work? Do you complain at work more than you work? I remember those days!

Being unhappy at work can have a huge drain on your overall happiness in life, as that negativity can leak into your personal relationships, cause you to dwell on issues you are having even when you are not at work, and – in short, be a total bummer.

The truth is that you will spend a lot of time at work. In fact, someone did the math, and they found that you can spend about 86,480 hours working – which works out to 32% of your life during a career of 46 years. Wouldn’t you like to spend that time being happy?

Some Insight from People Who Are Truly Happy In Their Career

Not sure if you want to make the change and go after your real passion in life?

I asked a few people who are truly happy in their career what they love most about it, how they discovered it, and how it has changed their life.

Their answers may just inspire you to get out of that job you hate and start doing something more fulfilling and in line with your true passion.

Questions we’ve been discussing:

Q. What Do You Love Most About Your Current Career?

A. Phil Turner (The 5 Currencies Guy)


I love that I am in control of my own destiny.

I am a writer. I live to write and pass on my thoughts. I will never retire because my life IS my writing.

I love that I decide who I write for as well as what I write. I love that I can write at 4am, have no commute.

A. socialwebcafe (Social Strategist)


I love that I am allowed to help people.  I am also a content creator (versus content consumer) and so my “job” as an entrepreneur has allowed me to do that, to create content and help people at the same time.  I was in corporate America (upper management).  It is possible that I may return there as a “day job,” but that will never stop the entrepreneurial side.  I think that is what is so wonderful is that I am able to do that no matter what my circumstances.  I have been an entrepreneur since I was 12, when I sold my first “craft” to a teacher (who was the one who suggested she buy it from me!).  That started the bug and I haven’t stopped since.

A. mattbgates (Web Developer)

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As I head to work, I know that no day is ever the same. Some days may be busier than others, but every day is a new client and a new email with things that I’m tasked to design. I get to be creative, coming up with new ideas, and unique looks for designs. I work as a web designer for a news media corporation.

A. MAKONE (Make Money Blogging)


I am Gaurav Kumar, founder of eAskme and a full time professional blogger. I chose blogging as a career, not just because I want to make more money, but because reading, writing and working on the Internet is my passion. I love to read more and more and never get bored, and this helped me to learn new things and start blogging.

Blogging has not only given me a satisfaction in my career, but it also gives me lots of money, and increases the number of followers and friends I have around the world.

I really feel happy that people know me worldwide, they like my work, and they appreciate it. They ask me questions with hope that I will help them, and I actually help them in every possible way with best solutions.

A. TheOfficialCEO (CEO of OneBite)

TheOfficialCEO finalWhat I love most about my career is that I get to work from wherever I want. Wherever there is wifi and electricity, I am good to go. The best part about the whole thing is I am only 19 years old. I can travel and still be able to work, and it is the most incredible thing.

Q. How Did You Discover What You Truly Wanted To Do?

A. Phil Turner (The 5 Currencies Guy)


I was made redundant/laid off and had zero chance of a real world job, so I started writing online. My logic was that I had written millions of words every year as a teacher, surely I could write for a living. I knew I could write better than most of what I was reading on websites.

A. socialwebcafe (Social Strategist)


I think I have always known, even as a little kid.  I come from a family of over-achievers and workaholics.  When I was a kid, I didn’t know any better.  I thought that was what life was about.  But, I am intense and it appeals to me.  When I sold that first item in junior high, that hooked me.

A. mattbgates (Web Developer)

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When it comes to my current career, I actually wasn’t even interested in it. I had a love for computers, gaming, programming, and surfing the Internet. I had gotten into web design in my younger years, but lost interest, never having anything interesting to do with it. I ended up working a security job, and realizing it was a dead end, I decided it was time to go to college, and I got interested in psychology.

I went through school and got interested in leadership psychology. After college, there was an opportunity for me to teach Ethiopian Jews English in Israel, which I gladly did. I thought maybe I would be a teacher, but I really was not passionate about it.

The non-profit organization that I was helping at the time had a really bad website that was out of date and had not been updated in years. I decided I would take a risk, not having touched web design for years, and I made them a website. From that, it only escalated and I began doing freelance work and making websites.

I came back to the United States with no money and was desperate for a job. I ended up working a dead-end low-pay programming job for a tyrant boss who was a control-freak. Eventually, I grew tired of this and got another job in web design for a company that specialized in Solar Energy Data that placed Solar Panels on corporate buildings. My job was to design and display that data so that it looked pretty for clients.

The tyrant boss offered me double my salary when I told him I was giving him my 2 weeks’ notice. I turned it down, realizing that he couldn’t pay me enough to deal with his temper tantrums and bullshit.

It was the best decision of my life. At the same I got the web design job for the solar energy company, I also got hired for yet another job as a web designer for a news media corporation. I kept both jobs, working from 8 AM until 2 AM every day, Monday through Friday, and I loved it. I loved being so busy and so tired all the time that I had no time for anything else.

I had student loans to pay off, so not only was I able to pay those off quicker, but considering my lack of experience for the past 10 years, in which I was working security and attending college, I needed to really drill the experience in and make it look good on my resume, which I was able to do.

On top of working both the web design jobs, I was still working freelance web design jobs on the weekends for several small businesses.

Anyways, I was laid off from the Solar Energy Data company, but I still had my other job along with the freelance work. I love what I do. I love the people I work with and I enjoy the fact that I have to come up with something unique and different each time for every design I do, and every client is always different.

A. MAKONE (Make Money Blogging)


I was struggling with my job as a customer care executive, long work hours, shift rotations, and above all pressure to satisfy others. It made me feel that I was in wrong place and in the wrong job. I was looking for an opportunity to change my job.

Online, I found a few blogs which were suggesting how to make money online. I got interested. I was reading and learning.

After learning how to start a blog and monetize it, I decided to give it a try. From the first day my blog made me feel good. Every day I was learning something new and sharing it, and my followers were also growing.

And this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to be my own boss and blogging made me that. I wanted to spend my time with my family, and blogging allowed me to work staying with my family. Blogging also gave me the opportunity to earn limitless money, which is really necessary for a successful career and happy life.

A. TheOfficialCEO (CEO of OneBite)

TheOfficialCEO finalThe way I discovered what I loved is quite interesting actually. My father had invented this dental product called OneBite, before he could take it farther his other business blew up (and no nothing exploded) and he no longer had time so he asked if I wanted to try and make it something. I worked and worked, and in just a couple of years we have had great success all over the world.

Q. How Has Your Life Changed Since Doing Something Meaningful To You?

A. Phil Turner (The 5 Currencies Guy)


Since leaving my previous high-stress job as a cash in transit man, my blood pressure has dropped 30 points. I am happy, I decide when I work and I have a reason to work other than the cheque at the end of the week. I am an introvert, so I work best on my own. Writing lets me do that.

A. socialwebcafe (Social Strategist)


I have always been doing this, so it isn’t a case where my life has changed.  However, I had a stint, recently, at a corporate job and that helped me to see how much I appreciated the entrepreneur job that I have always done.  For myself, people matter (which is why I decided to finish my PhD in psychology).  The other thing is that quality matters.  If someone pays me to do something for them, I treat it as if it is my own project and I do everything I can to exceed expectations.  Granted, you have to realize that you cannot exceed unreasonable expectations, but the point is that quality of my work is utmost and the client really matters to me.  When I see that those two elements do not exist in a corporate job, it makes me sad.  When I see corporate jobs only interested in doing the minimum, and even lying to the client, it makes me want to leave.  I have had a few of those.  I am not saying that I wouldn’t return to a corporate job.  More than likely, that is where I will go with the PhD, but what really satisfies me is that I always have my entrepreneurial side, where I can “call the shots,” and for me that means that people actually matter and when they hire me, they deserve the high quality that I promise to provide to them.

A. mattbgates (Web Developer)

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Since finding the career of my dreams, I am more confident in my life, able to live a comfortable lifestyle, and really just have fun and do all the things I love to do without fear of financial issues or insecurities about my ability to do my current job. I can’t imagine going to work every day and not looking forward to it. That is no way to live life. Do what you love and love what you do and you will never work a day in your life.

A. MAKONE (Make Money Blogging)


Blogging has changed my life in many ways:

I am my own boss now. I work whenever I want. I write what I like to share. This makes me feel happy and makes my life meaningful.

I have enough time to spend with my family. I can go with them to attend parties, functions. My friend list is growing day by day. Actually my whole social circle is growing. This makes my family happy.

I earn good money – much better than the amount I was earning from my job. I sell best quality services and products, write product reviews, and offer blog consultancy services. This gives me the feeling that I am helping people to establish their own blogging career.

In fact, blogging has changed my life in every way. I am happy person who is not only earning good money, but a good reputation as well.

A. TheOfficialCEO (CEO of OneBite)

TheOfficialCEO finalMy life has changed insanely. I feel like my every day is full of passion and motivation. I feel driven to get what I need to get done and push myself harder. Everyday life has changed because I now have an amazing opportunity that has brought success. I get to travel the world and work pool side, and only at 19 years old.

15 thoughts on “Interview With 5 People Who Are Happy In Their Career”

  1. Some inspirational stories here. Thanks for publishing my thoughts. Someone told me the day I was laid off “It might be the best thing that could ” I never thought it could work out as it has, but without that push, I would still be in a job I loathed, or had a stroke by now.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      My husband feels the same way. He got let go from a job that was stressing him out and taking up about 23 hours of his day (both physically and mentally). Once that job was in the past, he could focus more on things he wanted and change his path to something more appealing. And, I’m sure his blood pressure has gone down!

  2. I’ve found that it’s important to remember to set realistic expectations about my happiness in my career. When I find myself feeling overwhelmed by my own flavor of chaos, I remind myself that I have a demanding job running a company I love. Just embrace the chaos!

    1. That’s a great way to do it Julia! If you ultimately love what you do, or what you are working towards, then it’s not hard to remind to yourself of the positives and keep moving forward.

  3. Great article. The best thing that can happen to you in life is to be able to do what you love. That way no matter what challenges you will go through you will always remember that those are your dreams your chasing hence you will not give up easily.

  4. Every one enjoys doing one thing or the other.There is nothing better than doing what you love most to earn your living or make extra money.Great post.

  5. Great post, Kari! This made me smile all the way through. As an author, for me Phil Turner said it all: “I will never retire because my life IS my writing.”
    Yep! Can’t say it better myself 🙂
    Thank you for this–I truly smiled all the way through!

  6. It is really a great honour for me to know those who are really happy in their career. I am really thankful for the personal guidance and help that I have received from Gaurav Kumar, as a professional blogger. thank you for all the help.

  7. I knwo Gaurav Kumar not only as the founder of eAskme but also as a good personality. He is helping and kind person who loves to solve the issues of every single person. I have asked many question on his blog via contact form and he has always provided me the best solutions.

    I also appreciate your time that you have put into to get him featured on your blog.

  8. Choosing a career which makes you happy is truly a blessing. It is good to see the list of popular bloggers who have choose the blogging as their profession and now happy. I have met Gaurav Kumar (MAKONE) during my visit to a blogging meet in Chandigarh and had a great chance to learn many things about blogging money making and being happy.

    Thank you for sharing the list.

  9. It is so great to learn about Gaurav Kumar, you have mentioned him here as Makone.I am following him fom more than a year. I appreciate that you have published him here also. I like to learn a lot from you both.

  10. I am a regular reader of eAskme.com and I have seen how Gaurav kumar who is founder of easkme has made it grow and popular on social media. It is really nice that you have featured him here.

    It is great to learn from him and other bloggers who share their tips.
    Thank you for sharing.

  11. Hi,

    Gaurav has told me that here I can find the tips about how to find a happy career. I am a great follower of his work. I also saw that you added his name as Makone, which is his nick name.

    He is definitely a great blogger and also I came to know about many bloggers that I have never heard of. Thank you for the motivation.

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