Better Disposition

Internal and External Changes for a Better Disposition

In contrast to what Benjamin Franklin said in his 1789 letter about the American Constitution, death and taxes aren’t just the two certain things in this world. More often than not, with the proper mindset and the right actions, we can add happiness to the equation. However, during an era full of distractions, it somewhat becomes harder and harder to achieve overall contentment, especially if we solely focus on the big picture and fail to grasp the little things in life.

How To Have A Better Disposition

Being happy starts within. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t have to involve reading mounds of self-help books and watching inspirational shows. With a few uncomplicated changes here and there, we’ll slowly see and feel improvements from the inside out. Having said that, here are some simple internal and external adjustments we can do for a better life disposition.


Get Out of Bed Earlier than Usual 

Waking up to the daily grinds of work can become stressful at times. However, if we set our alarms 25-35 minutes earlier than usual, then we’ll have more time to enjoy a cup of coffee, have breakfast, and even catch up on the latest news. This also promotes punctuality, which in turn leads to a better standing not just in the office, but life in general.

Cherish Positive People

As we surround ourselves with the people we love and appreciate, or positive influencers, it creates a lighter, more satisfying feeling from within. Whether they’re our friends, our family, or even acquaintances, these human beings uplift our spirits subconsciously, putting us in a favorable spot altogether. This is also why it’s of utmost importance to cherish fruitful relationships with real people.

Visualize Greater Things

In Ronda Rousey’s book ‘In Ronda Rousey’s book ‘My Fight/Your Fight’ she talks about how dreaming big can lead to greater outcomes in the future. For us, it’s about having huge goals to look forward to everyday and doing all we can to achieve everything we aspire to be. It’s also this mentality that gives us the edge to push through life’s daily struggles and come out on top every time.


Take Good Care of Pets

Lottoland published a tale about a pet dog that found a couple’s winning ticket after they misplaced it days before the draw. This story is just one of the million reasons why owning a pet can be so beneficial physically, emotionally, and, sometimes, financially. It’s like having an inaudible yet loyal friend who understands your every qualm and knows how to make it all better.

Switch Off Gadgets Once in a While

As much as technology makes our lives easier, it’s also similar to a double-edge sword in terms of disconnecting us to the present – more particularly with our real-life relationships. By turning these devices off for a couple of hours a day and bonding with people away from the keyboard, we’ll find a renewed sense of admiration in this world.

Recognize Your Home’s Value

This isn’t to place a monetary denomination on your home, it simply means appreciating every corner of it. We can buy flowers, which are proven to reduce stress and scream happiness, or watch a classic film that takes us back to our childhood. Furthermore, we can whip up an amazing home-cooked meal for the family, or have a really long shower complete with scented candles and essential oils. In short, there will always be reasons why home is where the heart is.

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