Intense Dream

The Most Intense Dream That I’ve Ever Had And Probably Ever Will Have

The other day I wrote about the best lucid dream I’ve ever had, and it got me thinking about a few years back when I woke up from an intense dream. It was unlike any dream I’ve ever had.

Intense Dream That I Had

First, you should know I’m not religious in a strict sense. I believe in spirit, but I don’t follow a certain religion, and I question a lot of things from different religions, just as I believe a lot of things from different religions.

In the dream, I’m standing on a sidewalk. Someone approaches me. It’s a male energy. While he looks human, I know that he’s not. He’s much more than that. He’s someone I need to listen to. He’s someone who is powerful and is going to give me instructions that I need to know.

He hands me a piece of paper with some numbers on it. He asks me to do something (I couldn’t remember what when I woke up). I nod yes. He turns and walks away, and I have an incredible desire to tell him how much I love him.

The weird thing it is I don’t want to tell him that I love him as a person or as a figure in my life.

I don’t want to tell him that I love him for helping me or being in my life.

The only reason I want to tell him that I love him is because I worship him.

So, I say with a desperation in my voice that I’ve never had before and an intense feeling of love that I’ve never felt before, “I love you!” He keeps walking away from me and then disappears.

The end.

This feeling of worship for a being has never crossed my mind before that dream and has never crossed my mind afterward.

I’ve never felt such a strong feeling of love for someone. Pure love. Intense love. Love without condition. Love that actually made my heart swell and filled my body with light.

That’s the only way I can describe it.

I love my husband more than words can say. I love my pets more than words can say. But the feeling of intense love that I had in this dream can only be described as a feeling between creator and creation.

Do I think I talked to God? Kind of.

I believe that I was given some sort of instructions for my life at the time.

Maybe I wasn’t supposed to be aware of the dream.

Maybe I caught a glimpse into something that we aren’t supposed to see in our lives as humans.

I don’t know. But, I do know that it wasn’t a regular dream. As someone who has been studying her dreams since a young age, I’ve never had a dream like that or felt that intense kind of passion or worship in a dream or in my waking life.

The dream changed me, as all big moments do. I always think of it when something spiritual happens, or when I need to be reminded that there is something more than the everyday craziness that we see in this physical world.

In short, just like some other unexplainable things that have happened to me, that dream has reminded me that not everything is as it appears. It also let me know that I’m capable of emotions I’ver never felt before, and that’s exciting. I’m thankful I got to experience it.

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