20 Affirmations To Help You Increase Your Luck In Life

Being luckier is about preparation, gut instinct, and grabbing hold of opportunities when they arise!Do you want to be luckier in life? Have better luck in your relationships, career, personal life, and – well, anywhere else you can think of? Luck is created, and by doing certain things and lining yourself up with things coming your way, you can experience more luck.

The truth is that every “Well, that was lucky!” follows a decision that was made.

  • You turned left instead of right and avoided an accident.
  • You let someone go ahead of you in line and you won the 1 millionth customer award.
  • You played ‘this’ slot machine instead of ‘that’ slot machine.

Your choices are what produce your luck.

By ensuring that you are being as active as possible in your life, constantly making choices that could benefit you, and being open to new possibilities, you will increase your luck.

Positive Affirmations To Increase Your Luck

Don’t think you are quite there yet? Use the following positive affirmations to help yourself become a person that is aligned with lucky situations.

1. I am always ready for unexpected and positive events to occur.

2. I say ‘yes’ often to improve my chances of getting lucky.

3. I grab hold of opportunities that present themselves.

4. I take risks in life with a positive expectation of the outcome.

5. I enjoy engaging with others and I often meet people who benefit my life by doing so.

6. I use positive affirmations and positive thinking to stay active in life and recognize amazing opportunities.

7. I join groups and activities that interest me to expand my social network.

8. Every day I increase my knowledge so that I am able to contribute to future opportunities that pass my way.

9. I speak up and get noticed in a positive way.

10. I develop my current skills and obtain new skills often.

11. I do good things for other people without the expectation of reciprocation; however, I realize that doing good things now often benefits me when I need help in the future.

12. I take on new challenges with commitment and excitement.

13. I am flexible and able to do things differently if I need to. This helps me discover new opportunities.

14. I expect things to work out in my favor.

15. I always trust my gut instinct and take action when I feel excited.

16. I take negative situations and make them into something positive.

17. I do things that make me feel good to keep my thoughts and emotions positive and ready to experience good things.

18. I face my fears with courage so that new opportunities can easily flow into my life.

19. I meditate daily to keep my mind clear and open to opportunities I may otherwise miss.

20. I am a naturally curious person, and that takes me down all sorts of roads that I may not have otherwise traveled.

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