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4 Daily Habits To Help You Reach A Higher Vibration According To Abraham And Hicks

Lately, I’ve been focusing on getting in a higher vibration. You know, one that is light and happy and where everything comes to you easily. It’s no surprise that I’ve turned back to Ester Hicks and Abraham for help because that’s where I really started learning about manifesting my desires and what I needed to do to get there.

I think I’m going to spend today re-reading Ask And It Is Given. That was the second book I read on manifesting the life you want (the first was The Secret). I want to see if I can find some new things to add to my life as I remember that I am a vibrational being – not just a physical body – and that I need to broadcast the vibration that actually serves me.

I got inspired to do this by the following video. There are a ton of videos out there with Abraham and Hicks’ messages, but this one was just what I was looking for today.

If you want to reach a higher vibration, then this video and the message in it might be just what you are looking for too, so I thought I would give you another avenue to find it because you may not be on YouTube all the time like me. 😉

Four Things To Do Each Day For A Higher Vibration

According to Abraham, following are four things you can do each day to reach a higher vibration. They resonate with me in a big way.

  1. Meditate for 15 minutes each day. I don’t know about you, but something in me has been trying to get me to meditate daily for a long time, and I keep putting it off. I think I’m going to dust off my Zen12 meditation audios (learn more about that here) and get busy meditating daily again. I was thinking of waiting until the New Year, but today seems to be a good day to start.
  2. Go outside, look around, appreciate the planet, and talk about things out loud. Abraham says to do this no matter what the weather. They must not realize that it’s -22°C today where I live. But, I guess I have the clothes to bundle up and do this. The truth is that I usually go for a walk in the morning when it’s not this cold. I always look up, whether it is dark or not, but I especially love looking at the stars. I schedule all meteor showers into my planner and wake up early just to see if I can get a glimpse of some ‘shooting stars’. In other words, I like this daily habit for getting into a higher vibration!
  3. Create a book of positive aspects and each day fill up to 5 pages of positive aspects on up 5 different subjects. This is supposed to help train your vibration into that upward place. I guess five aspects could be work, health, relationships, past, and future. A lot of great people have promoted the idea of writing first thing in the morning. Some people say to just write about whatever comes to mind to help release anything that needs to get out. And some people talk about automatic writing, where you connect to your higher self and receive information. I think what Abraham is talking about will really lift you into a level of appreciation, which is really the goal vibration.
  4. Look upward and outward and acknowledge that there are universal forces that are working for you. You can call it whatever you want – God, Universe, Everything That Is – just acknowledge that it is always there for you and today you will be in conscious awareness that it is there. This reminds me of the ‘footsteps’ picture that my parents had in the bathroom when I was a kid. I would read that poem over and over and contemplate who was walking with me.Footsteps Poem: Part Of Getting To A Higher Vibration

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