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Be Happy With Your Body: It Will Never Be Good Enough For Everyone Else

Be Happy With Your Body
You Can Be Happy With Your Body Even If Everyone Else Complains About Their Body

I, like all women, have struggled with body image on occasion. In fact, I got down right stupid with it for a while, and I’m thankful that my husband put up with my whining, self-hatred, and constant criticism of myself when I was in that stage. But, I have been consciously working on being happy with my body.

Even The Perfect Body Will Not Be Good Enough

I read an article today about a woman who starved herself to get a career as a model in the fashion industry and found no luck. In fact, she was told that she was too big despite her efforts of staying way too thin. What is ironic that once she started being healthy, she found the job she was looking for as a plus-sized model.

This is proof that no matter what you do to your body, it is never going to be good enough for everyone else. There will always be some people who nitpick at you and try to make you feel bad.

Don’t let one of those people be yourself. You should be the one person who always loves yourself no matter what you look like – young, old, with a few extra pounds, sick, whatever.

To Truly Be Happy With Your Body, You Have To Get Into A Habit Of Doing So

One thing I have learned is that building positive habits applies to all areas of your life that you want to change, and that includes body image. The habit of hating our bodies has took a long time to develop.

I watch my niece, who is only five years old, and her positive body image is totally intact. She has a little stomach and she has some extra fat on her legs, but she doesn’t throw a fit about it – instead, she is quite confident in the little girl that she is and she doesn’t send an ounce of time worrying about what she looks like to others.

Of course, I also watch her mother who is obsessed with her body image, and I wonder how long her daughter is going to be able to escape that mentality. The more she hears the words and the disgust from her mother, the more she will develop the habit of looking at herself with critical eyes just like her mom.

Or at least that is the way I have seen it work over and over again.

Therefore, in order to be happy with your body, you have to get into the habit of looking past your body image and noticing the great things about you that make you the person you are.

Personally, I have been building a habit of not talking bad about myself, and this seems to have stopped my complaining in its tracks.  I still think negative things occasionally in my mind, especially during certain times of the month, but I don’t give those thoughts any power with my words, and by doing so I have cut the amount of time I complain about myself by 100% and, magically, I have started to look at myself through new eyes. I even get surprised when I don’t feel the need to complain about the things I used to complain about or obsess about the things I used to obsess about.

Let’s put this negative body image crap to rest. Stop criticizing yourself and start working towards feeling better about yourself!

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