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If You’re Happy And You Know It Don’t Do These 6 Things Online

I love the internet. I work online so it’s something I should love. But, I’ve noticed that no matter how happy I am, getting online can drag me down if I do certain things, so I have some advice on what to do if you’re happy and you know it and you don’t want to drag yourself down.

Finding Out Bad News Online

1. Don’t Read Comments Anywhere Online

Being around miserable people makes you miserable. But, when you are watching a video or reading a post that makes you happy, you would think that all the people commenting on it are in an equally happy mood. That’s just not the case. That’s why this is the number one thing not to do when you’re happy and you know it and you don’t want to become miserable.

There are so many miserable people out there who want to bring other people down and they will leave the most hateful, disgusting comments that will make you upset and angry.

  • I’ve seen commenters tell people to kill themselves.
  • I’ve seen people express their disgust over someone’s lifestyle.
  • I’ve seen people make fun of other people when there is absolutely no reason to make fun of them.

I have never come across one video or post that didn’t have some hate on it.

I believe that miserable people want to make other people as miserable as they are and that the internet gives them a big platform to do so called the comment section.

Therefore, if you are happy and you know it, don’t read the comments. Enjoy the video, article, or post, and move on with your own positive and happy impressions.

2. Don’t Check Out Known Negative People’s Updates

I’m not sure why it’s hard to avoid checking out miserable people’s updates. I guess we don’t want to be left out of something that is said or happens online so we constantly check their profile to see what’s going on. But it does nothing to help us out in life, so it’s better just to not do it.

I know there are some miserable people online that I’ve stumbled across and occasionally I want to see what they are complaining about or worried about or upset about today, but I always regret it. ALWAYS! It’s better just to check in on people who have some positive things to say. It will keep your mood stable.

3. Don’t Check Online Stats

Whether you are checking stats for your videos, earnings, Facebook likes, or anything else, you could end up ruining a really good mood with some not-so-great news. Why? Because we tend to let online stats tell us how great we are or worthy we are.

The reality is, though, that stats are always coming from other people, which isn’t a good indicator of how great we are because other people do not determine who we are or how talented we are or how amazing we are.

For instance, a friend of mine recently published his first YouTube video. He felt amazing about himself. It was a lot of work recording and editing the video. There was a lot of research that went into it. And there was a lot of anticipation that went into it. The fact that he published it was a big step in the right direction and something that most people will never do. However, he started checking the stats and when the numbers weren’t as good as he expected, he started to question how good his video really was. The fact that he was brand new to the site and didn’t have any subscribers or power to get noticed yet wasn’t what bothered him, it was simply the fact that his views were not living up to his expectations. Suddenly he felt less than thrilled about what he had done. His happiness decreased and he started to stress out. That’s the power of stats!

Another friend of mine will constantly check Facebook to see how many likes she’s gotten on a personal picture or update. She always expects all of her friends to like it, but that’s not the way it works. People aren’t on Facebook for you, they are on there for themselves, and often they don’t like the same things you like or don’t care about the same things you care about. Just because they don’t like your picture doesn’t mean it isn’t something that was positive or good for you. It just means that, for whatever reason, they’ve decided not to click on the ‘like’ button. Just another reason I recommend getting off Facebook by the way.

4. Don’t Read Or Watch The News Online

Just like being offline, I strongly suggest staying off news sites and updates if you want to keep your happiness vibe high. The news is meant to scare you and bring you down. That’s it.

The problem is you can stay off the news sites, but you can’t avoid trending topics if you are on Twitter or Facebook which always correlate to the biggest and worst news possible. And the headlines are meant to get you to click through.

5. Don’t Get Social on Facebook or Twitter

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So, it goes to say that if you are happy and you know it, stay off sites where trending topics are going to catch your attention. There is no way to avoid seeing them. I’ve tried. It isn’t happening.

Moreover, getting onto Facebook and Twitter can bring down your happiness for another reason – comparison.

Too often people post the best things about their life, and we read them and think ‘I’m not as good as them’ or ‘I’m not having as much fun/success as them’ and then all of our accomplishments and reasons to be happy fade away. But, in truth, often their posts are just polished up versions of the truth or downright lies to make us think what they want us to think.

I know this firsthand. I have a few friends who try to make themselves look positive and happy, but their lives are not going at all the way they want despite what their friends and followers think.

If you really got to get online, get on other sites that make you feel good, such as a positive forum focused on something you want to talk about, or on Pinterest where you can learn a ton of things or see a ton of positive images. If you really got to get social or go through a bunch of posts, then think smart to keep your happiness intact online.

6. Don’t Watch Or Read Gossip Online

Gossip is almost always focused on hateful things that bring down your energy level from happiness to shock, anger, or sadness.

I know that gossip is tempting. It can be hard not to click on a gossip video that is talking about something or someone they know nothing about. But we do because ‘we want to know’ and then we let the commenter’s ignorance dictate how we feel, even if it is based on a bunch of crap.

If you really want to know something, go straight to the source. That will help you avoid a mix of emotions that you don’t need to feel.

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