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What Is There To Be Grateful For?

What Is There To Be Grateful For?

What is there to be grateful for? Are you have a hard time finding something to show gratitude for? Is everything in life going wrong?

Just a few minutes ago, I was doing my 7th day meditation with the Oprah & Deepak 21-Day meditation experience for happiness. It was on wholeness, and even though I’ve thought about being whole before, I never really reflected so hard on it as I have with that meditation. It is interesting that during it I started to recite things I’m grateful for, and it hit me that even during times when there feels like there is nothing to be grateful for, there really is.

What Is There To Be Grateful For?

First and foremost, there is love. You may be saying, “Love is the reason I am so upset!”

Maybe you just had your heart broken, or someone you loved died, or a pet you loved died.

Maybe the lack of love you feel is the reason you can’t bring yourself to see the positive in anything.

While you may view love as the cause of your pain, right now, it will also be the thing that gets you out of your pain.


Love surrounds us. Even people who are alone, on an island with no other people, are loved by the God, the universe, or whatever you want to call it. If you listen, you can always feel love, and if you want, you can always give love.

That sounds so cheesy, but it is so true! And, the simple truth that we can choose to feel and give love is something to be grateful for.

Nobody can take love away from us. They can’t remove it. They can’t suck it out of us. They can’t use their hate or anger to bully it out of us.

Love is always present and ready to comfort us, uplift us, and protect us.

What Is There To Love?

Love: An intense feeling of deep affection

  • Love that you are able to breathe. Love your breath!
  • Love that you can learn, grow, and get smarter every day.
  • Love that you can feel your connection to everyone else simply by meditating.
  • Love the animals outside, like the birds and squirrels, that have no hate or anger.
  • Love that the wind is out, or the sun is out, or that it is raining.
  • Love that mother nature keeps our world and us alive.
  • Love that there is always a funny movie or actor that can make you laugh.
  • Love the relationships you have had and the relationships that will come.
  • Love that you can let go and relax with a few simple breaths.
  • Love that you are capable of being unconscious every night and still wake up in the morning.
  • Love that life is constantly changing and you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

When you can’t find something to be grateful for, think of love, look around, and create a sentence starting with – I love.

Feel free to share what you love, or are grateful for, in the comments below.

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