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Goals On Track Review: 10 Reasons I’ve Used It For Years

When it comes to goal setting software, there is only one that I use consistently – Goals On Track. Even when the app didn’t work properly, and I wasn’t able to sync my phone up to the software, I still couldn’t deny that I loved it (that’s working now by the way).

I’ve been using Goals On Track for just over two years now. I’ve made a lot of goals, done a lot of tasks, and even though I’ve seen other goal setting systems, this goal setting software stands out as the best in my opinion.

10 Reasons Why I Love This Software

1. The Calendar

This is one thing that I find a lot of goal setting software doesn’t have built in. I don’t know why! It’s important to have a calendar when it comes to putting in tasks that you want to do, and I don’t want to have to leave the software to go to my Google Calendar. I find it much easier when it is just part of the whole goal setting system.

Goals on Track Calendar

Some highlights of the Calendar include:

  • You can easily see what you have to do for the day.
  • You can click on a day and quickly add a to-do task
  • You can add that task under a specific goal or just your daily to-do list
  • You can view your active tasks or your completed tasks
  • You can choose to view the calendar for all goals, or just for a specific goal
  • You can view your tasks by tags
  • You can plug in a task for whenever you want (even in April of 2021)

goals on track 2021 calendar

2. The Vision Board

So many people talk about how important a vision board is for achieving goals in life, but you don’t see many vision boards incorporated into a goal setting software! Goals On Track has a vision board. This is how the vision board works.

1. You create a goal and assign a picture to that goal. You can choose between pictures that you have already uploaded, or you can choose a new one that resonates with you and your goal.

Goals On Track Pictures Keep You Inspired!

2. You click on your ‘goals’ tab and then select the vision board.

Goals On Track Has A Vision Board

3. You choose the pictures you want, how you want the slideshow to play, and what music you want to play with the slideshow. Then click save.

Vision Board On Goals On Track Goal Setting Software

4. Then you click on ‘Start Slideshow’ and you are done! All you have to do now is watch your vision board for as long as it takes to get pumped for the day and your tasks ahead.

Start vision board on goals on track Goal Setting Software

3. The Journal

When it comes to completing goals, a journal can come in handy. You can make notes on what is working, what is not working, ideas you have, ideas that you want to look at in the future, and more. In reality, you can do anything you want in a journal, and having one attached to your goal setting software is pretty frickin’ awesome!

Post journal entry for goals on track Goal Setting Software

You can post a journal entry for all goals or just a specific goal. And, as you can see, the editor allows you to create a pretty decent entry.

4. The Timer On Tasks

I LOVE this aspect of Goals On Track.

All of your tasks that are due today are on your dashboard, and they all come with a timer.

When you create a task for a goal, you can choose how long you think that task is going to take, or how long you want that task to take.

When you start to work on a goal, you simply start the timer and it keeps track of how long you are taking.

When you are done, you stop the timer.

And when you check off the task as done, it gets added to your stats for the day. This is a great way to see where your time is going in your day.

timer on goals on track

Stats for the day goals on track Goal Setting Software

5. Visible Progress On Goals

For each goal you make, you set tasks that you want to do as well as what you specifically want to accomplish for the goal. That could be (30 days) of working out, ($10,000) earned, or (50) pounds lost.

The choice is up to you, and every time you complete a task towards a goal, you enter in how far you have progressed in days, dollars, or pounds (or whatever else you have set).

This helps you see how close or far away you are from your goal.

Progress made goals

progress on goals on track Goal Setting Software

6. Create New Tasks

When you create a new task for a goal, you can use a quick function to just enter in the task and the time you want it to take, or you can schedule a task, or you can add a full task (which is what I will talk about here).

When you create a full task, you can:

  • Write what you want to do
  • List when you want to start it or when it is due
  • Put an estimate completion time in
  • Add tags
  • Choose a priority for it (low, medium, or high)
  • Choose how much time has already been spent on it
  • Choose whether it is a daily task, weekly task (Mondays, Tuesdays, etc.), or a monthly task (every 28th)
  • Add a note which shows up on your dashboard
  • Send yourself an email reminder before the task is due

create a task for goals on track Goal Setting Software


7. Share Your Goals

Everything you do with this goal setting software is private, unless you want to share. For instance, if you want to stay accountable for a goal you set out, you may want to share it with someone else who is also trying to stay accountable.

share your goals from Goals On Track Goal Setting Software

On the share page, you can select which goals you want to share and you can send an email to certain people who you want to share them with.

And, you can protect your shared goals with a password so that only the people you want to see it will see it.

Also, you can allow comments on your shared goals page and you can stop sharing at any time.

Lastly, you can choose a picture to put on your sharing page!

shared goals on goals on track Goal Setting Software


 8. Create Stand Alone Habits Or Habits For Your Goals

Developing healthy habits is important for your health and your goals, and Goals On Track makes sure you can create them on paper, keep track of your progress, and develop them.

Habits on goals on track Goal Setting Software

  • You can set your habit to be 7 days per week.
  • You can choose to do 21, 30, 60, or 90 repetitions.
  • You can assign your habit to a goal (or not).
  • You can choose how much forming the particular habit will contribute to your goal

Once you create your habit, it shows up under your daily to-do list, and you simply click it off when you are done. Then, you can click on the ‘habits’ tab and see your progress for the week.

9. Oh Yeah – Create Some Goals Too!

Being a goal setting software, it also helps you create unlimited goals.

Create Goal Goals On Track Goal Setting Software

Highlights of creating a goal include:

  • Create a start date and an end date and get accountable
  • Choose from 5 categories: health, home, money, personal, and work
  • Choose what your end result will be
  • Choose what your current status is
  • Choose a color for the goal

Once you create the goal, you can:

  • Add a Picture to your goal
  • Add a sub-goal
  • Add a task
  • Add a habit
  • Add an action plan
  • Create a template from the goal

Need A Goal Setting Software? Why Wouldn’t You Try This One?

It’s hard to explain everything this goal setting software can do. You have to use it to see that it has potential to help you create goals, keep on track, and complete goals. I find it incredibly cheaper than other goal setting software even though it does much more and you can create unlimited goals, habits, journal entries, and everything else.

There is an app for it as well. Like I said in the beginning, the Goals On Track app didn’t work too well for a while. But, it’s all good now. You can see your active goals, tasks, and habits on the app dashboard, and you can do everything on the app that you can do from your desktop (add a goal, add a habit, journal, etc.).

10. The Founder Cares What You Think

Another thing I’ve noticed about this software is that the guy behind responds to you quickly when you try to contact him. Harry Che is the founder, and he’s always been polite and quick to respond to my questions or concerns.

The bottom line is that I highly recommend it to anyone who has goals they want to create and accomplish. Interested? Check out Goals On Track here.

4 thoughts on “Goals On Track Review: 10 Reasons I’ve Used It For Years”

  1. Yes, does anyone know where there is a serious review or discussion forum. I would like to start a thread to find out if anyone has been scammed.

    1. This is a serious review. I’ve been using it for years. Goals on Track is not a scam. It’s an online software that you use to keep track of your goals. Bottom line. No more to it. He’s not taking your money and not giving you something in return. It’s a service where you get something in return – exactly what I talked about in this Goals on Track review, in fact.

    2. This isn’t a scam… I’ve used Goals on Track since 2011… love it. Even when I had some MAJOR set backs, the software allowed me to get well, back on track with relative ease. I love the task timer.. that to me is my favorite part of the program. And the owner really is interested in feedback. I sent an email on an issue and within the same day, I got a response! There are also tutorials on how to use this (which is fairly simple).

      1. Hi Arik, thanks for sharing! Yes, I agree, Harry Che has always been quick to reply to concerns and fix them. That’s one of the reasons why Goals on Track is still going strong after all these years!

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