Getting Stuff Done: A Unique Way To Explain The Solution

Even though I would rather stay in bed like my Schnauzer, I get up and do what I got to do as well as I can do it.
Even though I would rather stay in bed like my Schnauzer, I get up and do what I got to do as well as I can do it.

This year I decided to stop procrastinating and start getting stuff done in my career and personal life. I’m sure that many of you made the same commitment over and over again, just like I have.

As I’ve been going through my Philosophers Notes (summaries of just about all the self-help books you can imagine) I realized that doing something towards a goal every day was better than doing nothing at all. That ‘something’ didn’t have to be great or bad – it just had to be.

In my daily positive affirmations list for the month I wrote, “I strive to do the best I can – always!” and I have taken that very literally.

Each day I put effort towards my goals. Sometimes I have a lot to give and sometimes I have much less to give, but I always put some effort towards the tasks I have set out for the day.

For instance, working out isn’t always easy for me. Some days I would rather avoid it like the plague. However, I have committed to doing it every day. Some days I can jump around without breaking a sweat and other days I can barely lift my feet off the ground. The point is that I have been committed to doing something every day towards my goal of exercise.

The result? I am getting stuff done. I have gotten much more done than I usually do in a month. In fact, I would say I have gotten more done so far this month than a whole bunch of months from last year combined!

Another Way To Look At It

Today, my husband sent me this article: How to Stop Procrastinating on Your Goals by Using the “Seinfeld Strategy” and as I was reading it, I realized that I was pretty much doing the plan laid out by Seinfeld.

Let’s just say that after reading it I feel much better about my strategy and excited for what is to come. I highly recommend you read the article if you have problems with getting stuff done and you are ready to take some consistent action.

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