How To Get Clear On What You REALLY Want To Achieve

How To Get Clear On What You REALLY Want To Achieve

A new way to make goals that enrich your life and leave you fulfilled? Sounds good to me! I love creating goals. I love plopping my goals in my goal setting software and getting excited about achieving them. But my goals have been driving me crazy lately. They are not things I’m passionate about, but rather things that I think I should be working towards to get to things I’m passionate about. I’m basically focusing on the means to the end and I’m tired of it.

Means To The End Goals

I think that is, in part, what led me to a new course that I’m taking. It’s created by Vishen Lakhiani, founder of MindValley, and called Becoming Limitless. (I’ll be doing a review on it in a few months when I’m done, so keep your eyes open for that.)

In the first week, we are told to watch a video by him that will help us change the way we plan our lives and create our goals. He talks about two types of goals.

  1. End goals – The end results you want to experience, such as travel, a gorgeous car, an amazing house, learning a new language, etc.
  2. Means goals – This is what you need to have in place to get to the end goals, such as a secure job, a good recommendation to someone that matters, a lot of connections, the right courses, etc.

You probably have a lot of means goals. You may be really focused on them and have your end goals on a shelf somewhere in your mind. But, Vishen says that you should change that around. He says that it’s not about the means – it’s about truly experiencing life with your end goals in mind daily.

I must admit, I don’t love that he kept talking about waking up at the age of 40 and being miserable. Being one year away from 40, and being married to a man who has seen 40 come and go a few years ago, it seems a little depressing that he keeps repeating this age over and over again. Especially for my husband who was focused on the means (school, good connections, etc.) for so long. But, with the right awareness, you can move past that and remember that you can correct what you’ve been doing and have a lot of years to experience the type of life you really want to experience.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself

These three questions that Vishen goes through in the following video will help you understand what really matters and then set some awesome goals for your life. They will help you see what you really want and figure out how to grow and contribute in a way that will make you feel fulfilled, and you can go from there.

Apparently, one of the things he does with people in his company is have them put their answers to these three questions on a bulletin board, which is basically a vision board for his employees. This is something I’m going to do with my answers. Not on their vision board, but on mine. It will be a great way to remember what really matters and what I really want to experience.

Even if you don’t think you have a lot of end goals because you are so focused on the means to the end, you will be surprised what comes up when you do this exercise and let your mind roam free. Vishen helps guide you towards possible answers too.

So, get a pen and paper, clear 13 minutes in your schedule to really focus and work on yourself, and then listen to the following video and participate and get clear on what you really want out of life – now and in the future.

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