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Get Challenged And Move Towards Online Success

Online Success Requires Education and Dedication

There are a lot of people who want to make it big online. And there are a lot of people (including myself) who are duped into believing that it can happen with very little effort, knowledge, or education.

For instance, when I first got the idea to work online, I found an ad on how you could be a data entry clerk online and make a ton of money doing it. What I didn’t know was that ‘data entry’ really meant ‘affiliate’, and I was in for a lot of work and education to get anywhere close to making it big online. That said, I loved the process and quickly became addicted to trying to build an online business worthy of succeeding.

Am I an Internet millionaire? No. I’m a blogger and ghostwriter whose goal is to make a bigger active and passive income every month – which I have done – but I haven’t had any success without dedication, motivation, and education.

The Truth: Online Success Can Vary

Depending on where you go online, you will see different people have different success with their monthly incomes. Some people don’t make a dime and some people make tens of thousands of dollars each month. And, surprisingly, seemingly successful people are not always making the biggest income.

For instance, check out Ana Hoffman’s latest passive income report. Ana is a woman who knows what she is talking about when it comes to traffic generation, and she has many people who follow her and trust her advice (including myself). According to her report, she made a net income of $4804 over the last three months in passive income with only about 40-60 hours work.

That’s a great passive income. But, people who are promised instant online success (now and in the future without a lot of effort) may not think so – especially because it took her a lot of work to get to where she is and earn that passive income.

I think most people who start an online business quickly realize that it is a business, and it requires work just like any other business. In fact, to stand out among the thousands of bloggers, YouTubers, services, or eCommerce sites, you really have to work hard at developing your personal brand and getting yourself out there.

Is Viral Success Possible Online?

I’m not saying that there are not some cases of people who write some great content or create an awesome video and go viral and receive massive success online. It technically can happen. But it usually doesn’t.

Moreover, one viral post or video doesn’t automatically equal success. People may like your video or post, but not end up following you in the long run. And after the viral aspect dies down, you are left exactly where you started.

My point is that usually what seems to be viral success took a lot of work beforehand. Listen to popular YouTube star Grace Helbig talk about her ‘viral’ success.

Even if you have a really cool idea that you think is going to help a lot of people or make you stand out, it can be hard to get yourself out there and noticed!

That’s why building relationships with other online business owners is essential – they can help you get in front of more people that you are not reaching through your efforts. I know that Grace has done a lot of collaborations with other YouTubers, and that is part of her success factor.

BTW: If you are running an online business as a blogger, affiliate, author, or anything else, MyBlogU is a great platform to connect with other people and create some awesome content.

Online Business Requires Dedication And Education

While most of us would like to be an Internet millionaire quickly, it doesn’t just happen. Instead, we work our asses off learning what we can about internet marketing and how to create a successful business. We implement new ideas, test them, and then implement new ones. And we commit to long hours of dedication to whichever aspect of online business we have picked.

Taking On Challenges For More Business Success

When it comes to online success, you always have to be taking a step forward. You can’t stand still and expect anything to be any different in your online business. It is essential to keep learning what works and what doesn’t, and then take action on things you learn.

One thing that includes dedication, motivation, and education all into one is a really good challenge.

Challenges help you move past distractions, commit to doing something daily for your online business, and gain new insight into how to grow your business for success.  I highly recommend you take on one starting today.

Following, Patricia Anthony from Patant Consultants International talks about a challenge she took that was focused on online marketing techniques and strategies.

Q. What Challenge Did You Take On?

The best challenge I ever took was a 30 day online marketing challenge by Ed Dale, in which you learnt how to make your first $1 online. The challenge was available to Internet newbies but even experienced marketers took the opportunity to learn new online marketing techniques and strategies.

Q. How Long Did It Last?

The Ed Dale online business challenge lasted 30 days and included video tutorials, webinars, blog posts, cheat sheets and forum discussions. The challenge often exposed Netrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs to new tools and strategies for starting and growing a business online.

Q. Was It Hard To Stick With The Challenge?

It was fairly easy to stick to the challenge since Ed Dale and his team made the materials interesting. There was also plenty of support from forum moderators and participants who were always eager and available to assist.

Q. What Were Your Results?

Although I didn’t make my $1 in 30 days, with a little persistence I did earn income. More importantly I discovered the tools I needed the tools I needed for starting to earn a living online.

Get Challenged!

As you can see, the challenge helped her to stay motivated and discover some things that helped her achieve more online success. And that’s what a good online business challenge should do!

So, if you are thinking about starting an online business, or have just started an online business, or have been online for years, I challenge you to take an online business challenge.

The challenge may be something like writing daily content for a month, or brainstorming with other business owners every day for a month (MyBlogU is great for that!), or learning something new about marketing every day for 6 months. Whatever you choose to do, stick to it and your online success will continue to grow.

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