Follow Your Gut And Be Happy?

When I first started learning about the law of attraction, I quickly realized that you need to follow your gut. Your gut is your inner compass that tells you whether something is right or wrong, and I believe that it can lead you down the path that you want.

So this week I’m really going to pay attention to my gut and what it tells me. I am also going to look and see how other people have listened to their inner voice, and how it is help them.

So let’s get started following our inner gut!

Day 1 – Your Gut Around Other People

How many times have you said, “I knew that he was no good!” For me, it would be about a million times!

Now, I tend to trust my gut about other people and it usually turns out to be right. However, I believe that the mind and gut can work together.

For instance, now I can recognize insecurity and fear through anger and just plain meanness. My gut would have told me that these people are assholes at one point. Now, it tells me that they are just sad, fearful people who lack confidence.

I think your gut and your mind (awareness) can act hand in hand together to really come to a conclusion that is spot on about people. And when this happens, you are more willing to forgive and move on from hurtful and negative situations.

For example, when I first started working from home I would head out to my local library. There was a woman there who was annoying as hell and very, very rude. She burps, talks very loudly, and farts at will. Then she yells at people who talk loudly or distract in some way.

At first, my gut told me that she was inconsiderate, but as I learned about autism and aspergers, I started to notice a lot of qualities in her.

Then I saw the people that she was living with and my question was, “How could she act any way else?”

So, my gut told me one thing and my mind told me another. I think that my gut is right, but there is reasoning behind it.

In my view, my gut is normally right on about people and I listen to it to avoid conflict and issues; however, sometimes my experiences can influence how my gut reacts (or I suppose how I listen to it) and affect how spot on it is.

My point…your gut is likely right about people.

Day 2 – My Gut Spoke About This Blog

Well, my gut told me something. And it said, I don’t have time to write every day on this blog. I’m missing out on actual opportunities to make money. So, I will only be writing on this blog once per week.

It will still be about ‘be happy tips’ but it will be one week of observations written on one day instead of 7. Honestly, I don’t think my one reader will mind – will you?

See you on Sunday!

It’s Sunday! Here’s What I Learned About Following My Gut

It’s funny. I have had a lot of chances to follow my gut this week. Sometimes I did, and sometimes I didn’t. However, I figured one thing out for sure.

I should only follow my gut when it feels good. For instance, if I feel like I should go visit someone, then it should feel like a good thing and not an obligation. I had the chance to go visit somebody this week and I felt kind of weird about it but I went anyways. The whole visit was very frustrating and upsetting and looking back on it my gut was telling me that.

I find that the gut and the mind can easily get intertwined. Your gut may be telling you to do one thing while your mind is listing off reasons as to why you shouldn’t or should. Your mind can influence your gut and cause you to make the wrong decision.

I think that’s why most people say just go with your 1st instinct. Don’t let your mind, your heart, or other people influence you and your gut.

I strongly believe that when you follow your gut you follow the internal guidance that is built into each one of us. In my life, it has been proven over and over again that my gut knows the way, and I need to respect that instinct is helping me get where want to get to the life.

Next week I will start meditating again. In fact, meditation will be my next be happy tip. I feel that meditation helps you connect with your gut, your instinct, and allows you to listen to it clearer. I feel that I need to start listening to it clearer – and I am excited to do so.

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