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FED UP With Obesity? Do We Finally Have A Solution For It?

Are You FED UP With Obesity?
So Many Of Us Are FED UP of obesity.

The obesity epidemic is here to stay. According to statistics, about 2 in 3 Americans are obese. Because of this, obesity-related illnesses are on the rise. I have been writing more about diabetes for clients than I have on any other topic. It is definitely something that is demanding people’s attention right now…just like obesity.

Fed Up With Obesity? So Are Other People!

Here’s the thing, there are more diets than there have ever been. More people are exercising than ever before. Yet, obesity is on the rise. Especially, childhood obesity.

That pisses me off. These kids are already struggling with a hard issue they shouldn’t have to struggle with.

We all know someone who is obese. I would be willing to bet that we all know a ton of people who are obese.

The documentary FED UP is a huge eye opener in the field of obesity. I watched it last night, and I will never look at food the same again.

I’ve always thought that overeating was the biggest problem for obesity. For instance, there are a ton of people who eat fast food and still look great – they just don’t overeat fast food. And, I’ve heard that message about overeating over and over and over again from experts.

But, after watching FED UP I feel that it goes beyond that. Of course, overeating is going to cause you to gain weight, but there is more to it than that.

What Is FED UP?

FED UP follows some kids who are obese. We hear about their struggles and then we hear about what kids are faced with in the terms of school lunches and marketing.

Here is the trailer for FED UP.

What I Learned About Obesity, Food, and Health From FED UP

Following is a list of just a few of the things I learned from FED UP. I highly recommend watching the documentary and taking in everything that it has to offer you. I think you will come away changed, look at food differently, and maybe even be inspired to do something about this obesity epidemic

  • Before 1953, exercise was considered taboo!
  • As more people began exercising, more people gained weight!
  • Eating healthier choices does not necessarily mean you will lose weight.
  • Exercising healthier food does not necessarily mean you will lose weight.
  • Energy balance is a flawed concept. When it comes to weight gain, a calorie is not a calorie. For example, 160 calories of almonds doesn’t raise blood sugar quickly and takes a while to process, while 160 calories of a soft drink goes directly to the liver and immediately turns to fat.
  • Food companies are only interested in selling more food – not your health. (Think about that! They will do what they got to do.)
  • Some studies are industry-funded…and may tell you what THEY want you to hear.
  • Sugar is very, very bad – and it is everywhere. (In one bag of M&M’s there is 7 teaspoons of sugar, and in one bottle of 100% natural Prego Italian Sauce Traditional, there is 12.5 teaspoons of sugar.)
  • Sugar can hide behind a ton of names on the label, and they are all equally bad.
  • Processed starches are just as bad as sugar.
  • 1 tsp of sugar = 4 grams and the daily allowance of sugar, according to the American Heart Association, is 6-9 tsp. So, how much are you getting?
  • It is very easy to eat about 41 tsp of sugar throughout your day.
  • Much more.

There Is A Lot Of Sugar In Stuff!

Once you watch FED UP, you will go through your cabinets and look at ingredient lists. There is a lot of sugar in stuff. It will seriously surprise you!

Speaking of…I found the following video of a guy boiling down coke. It is quite interesting to see how much sugar is left after you boil out the water.

How Does Sugar Affect Us?

One of the main points of FED UP is that sugar is hidden in a ton of different foods. It was put there to make the food more palatable, and it is affecting our health negatively.

One of the things sugar does is it affects our brain. In one study, 43 cocaine addicted mice were given the choice between cocaine or sugar water. All but 3 chose to take…the sugar water! Does that not blow your mind?

After hearing that, I can clearly see that I am addicted to sugar. If I don’t get my morning coffee with sugar, I feel bad. If I don’t drink sugar (pop) with certain foods, I feel like those foods are not as good. I am obviously addicted to sugar on some level, and I am not alone.

Why Can’t We Resist Sugar?

The World Health Organization Said Sugar Was To Blame For Obesity

In FED UP, I learned that in 2002 there was a document done by the World Health Organization that said sugar is a major cause of obesity and chronic disease. They wanted to restrict sugar intake, but certain people from the food industry did not like that. The report was never published because the World Health Organization was told that if they published the document, they would not get a 406 million contribution – so the document was pretty much deleted.

Money makes decisions for you  – even about your health.

Should You Watch FED UP?

The simple answer: Yes.

The longer answer: If you have been dieting or concerned about the obesity epidemic, I definitely think that FED UP will be something that will open your eyes and benefit your health.

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  1. I agree that overeating is one of the culprits and sugar is another but the obesity epidemic is so much more complicated than that. Kids learn behavior and eating habits from their parents, they also copy the activities they see their parents and family members engaging in. I often see obese children with obese and sedentary parents and it’s their norm. .

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