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Facebook: Are You Missing Out And Who Are Your Facebook Fans?

Should You Buy Facebook Fans Or Advertise With Facebook?
Buying Facebook Fans or Paying For Facebook Advertising? Where Is Your Money Going?

The other day I wrote an article on why you should close your Facebook account. I really do believe that Facebook does more harm than good for your life. It sucks away time, makes you anxious about things you don’t need to be anxious about, and keeps you so involved with other people’s lives that you forget about your own!

Now, I am willing to bet that when you post something, you think that all of your friends are seeing your post. That is simply not true – unless it is something that a whole bunch of people like.

So, it begs the question – what is Facebook hiding from YOU? What are you not seeing? Watch the following video and find out.

Facebook Page Owners Beware Of Fake Facebook Fans

He then posted a follow up to the above video. It talks about Facebook advertising and how you may not be getting what you bargained for. If you have a page on Facebook, you will want to watch this too, before you pay any money to get likes.

In short, the results he got were as if he had paid for fake likes instead of paying for Facebook’s adverting. What a waste of money and time that was!

Did you watch all the way through? Wasn’t his demonstration on the cat page eye-opening? Even after targeting to cat lovers in United states, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, he still got Facebook fans who were odd. I love how he caught that these people liked everything of something; for instance, liking Volvo, Jeep, Mercedes, Volkswagen, etc. It is just unnatural behavior on social media.

By the way, his virtual cat page has 5,762 likes now.

On his page, check out his post (Feb 12) on what Facebook said about the page. It sounds like Facebook is trying to explain it away – when it is obvious that it is a bunch of baloney.

His theory about like-farms clicking on Facebook’s advertising sounds dead on, and, in my book, it makes it pointless to pay to try to get likes on Facebook. Facebook is getting your money for fake Facebook fans liking your page, and that’s just wrong! Yes, it is good for them because they are getting money in their pocket, and it is good for the company that produces fake likes, but for you – it is very, very bad…and you are paying them for that luxury!

Worse, you may be getting fake fans without advertising simply because like-farms want to make sure that they keep making money. So, that Facebook fan you just got may not really be a fan at all.

In the end, your fake Facebook fans will have an influence over your engagement and visibility. And if you buy into boosting posts, you could be really flushing money down the toilet at that point because you are boosting your posts to people who have thousands of likes and will not likely see it (or care if they do).

I know that we have talked about advertising on Facebook here, but in case it is not clear, do not buy Facebook fans from those places that promise you 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 real likes for a few bucks. You may get a few real fans, but the majority will be people who are clicking on your page and thousands of others, and your Facebook page will suffer for it when engagement is low.

Yes, there are some pages that will do well and naturally attract real fans that engage their pages, so this doesn’t apply to everyone. However, I would guess that those lucky and engaging people are the minority on Facebook, and most of us are creating and maintaining Facebook pages that are being liked by people who don’t really like them and then hidden because of the low engagement.

Time to move on from Facebook? That’s up to you. But for me, that’s a definite yes – personally and professionally.

2 thoughts on “Facebook: Are You Missing Out And Who Are Your Facebook Fans?”

  1. Back in the day when I was trying to learn how to make money on Facebook, I tried buying fake Facebook “likes” for several of my pages. Boy was that a mistake. Like you said, it did nothing but harm. Eventually, all of those likes disappeared from my page and my Facebook page dropped dramatically from the rankings.

    Great post!


    1. Thanks for the real-life example Drew. I think many of us heard that it’s a good idea and are tempted by it, and most of us have to learn the hard way (or will continue to do so.)

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