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FabFitFun Review: Should You Treat Yourself (Or Someone Else)?

When it comes to stuff like subscription boxes, I always want them but don’t often treat myself to them. It’s hard to justify it as something I really need. That changed after I got FabFitFun for a friend of mine and watched her open her box with excitement and enthusiasm. It was like Christmas for her – in July – and I wanted to have Christmas in July! So, I went home and ordered myself a subscription to FabFitFun and waited with excitement for the fall box. I’m so glad I did. If you are not sure whether or not you should buy the subscription for yourself or your friend, maybe this FabFitFun review will help.

Who Probably Will Not Like FabFitFun

Inside the box, you get stuff for beauty, fitness, and fun. In other words, you could pretty much get this subscription box for any woman and she will like. But, there are exceptions.

For instance, my mom, who is 68, really liked the Modcloth scarf that I got in my fall box. But, she is really sensitive to smell and she doesn’t wear makeup, so the other products, like the Spongelle or the eye shadow palette weren’t interesting to her.

Considering the scarf cost almost as much as the box, it might be worth it to get it for her and then take all those products that she doesn’t like. But, I think it would be disappointing for her to open up the box and not be able to use half of the stuff in there.

Therefore, I think anyone who:

  • has sensitivity to strong smells
  • doesn’t like makeup
  • has very specific interests and doesn’t deviate from them
  • doesn’t like fun (that would be my husband’s mom)
  • doesn’t like opening gifts full of surprises (again, my husband’s mom)

…would not like this box.

Who Will Like FabFitFun?

I think the above list of people are far and few between. For the most part, there are a lot of women who will like this subscription box. Who?

Women Who Like To Discover New Things

It’s fun to open and discover new products that you can try for beauty, fun, and fitness. At least for me!

For instance, in the fall box, there were socks without toes. I had never heard of them before. What they do is help you keep your grip if you are doing yoga or other things that require balance, and they are actually kind of comfortable!

Toe sox -fabfitfun

My friend, who does yoga daily, had these on instantly and loved them. She’s been using them ever since.

Women Who Like To Save Money

The total value of the fall box was $239.99, and it only cost $49.99. That’s in USD. The eyeshadow palette was as much as the entire box, so you totally save on the products inside.

It’s a great way to try things out for less. For instance, I may have wanted to buy the Skin Laundry or the Body Oil in a store, but I probably wouldn’t have. I can’t justify paying full price for someone when I’m not even sure if I’ll like it! That’s what’s great about FabFitFun. You don’t have to regret buying something just to try it!

Women Who Like To Treat Themselves

If you are someone who enjoys a good bath, massage, fun purchase, present, or surprise, then this box is for you.

When my mom found out that I had gotten a FabFitFun subscription, the first thing she said was, “Good for you. It’s important to treat yourself.” She said it with a little bit of regret – as if she hadn’t spent a lot of time treating herself with fun things. Which is probably what she felt. Even though my parents had the money, my mom never bought fun things like this subscription box. She bought what was necessary for the house or for her and that was it.

I like to treat myself. I like giving myself gifts and pampering myself because it makes me happy, reduces stress, and it makes me feel good about myself. I highly recommend it!

And, if you know someone who won’t treat themselves, then this subscription box is a perfect gift. When I bought it for my friend, the first thing she said was, “I’ve been wanting this for years, but never bought it.”

She viewed it as a treat rather than a necessity, so she couldn’t justify getting it. She has a husband and three kids, and their needs and wants often come first.

Now that she has gotten a few boxes, she loves it. She says it’s the best present she’s ever gotten because it’s all about her and her happiness.

The Benefits of FabFitFun

Let me break this down.

Get a ton of gifts for cheaper: First, you pay $49.99 and get over $200 worth of stuff. That cost is in USD, so if you live in Canada, then you need to convert the price to Canadian. Moreover, if you live in Canada, you will have to pay shipping, which works out to $8. If you live in the U.S., then you get shipping for free.  It still works out to the same amount of savings (minus the shipping).

Makes a great gift for yourself or the women in your life: Because it’s got a little bit of everything in it, there is bound to be something that you or those women in your life will like. This is especially true for the women who enjoy beauty, fitness, and FUN!

Get Four Boxes Per Year: This is a seasonal subscription, so you get four boxes per year. I honestly would love it if it was one box per month because it’s so much fun. But, the seasonal thing is fun too. I’m looking forward to getting a box around Christmas. It will be a few extra gifts FOR ME!

Note: You can pay for the entire season at once or you can just pay quarterly. You save a little if you pay for the entire season at once, and you get to choose certain things, such as what color you want your scarf to be or what you want your coffee mug to say. It’s all dependent on the products, but you do get a choice if there is a choice to be made! When you pay season by season, you don’t get that choice. But that won’t matter to people who like to be surprised!

Add-Ons: Before the box gets shipped, you can choose some add-ons for your box. These include past products that were in the boxes and a mystery bundle that contains a few different products for a discounted price. For the box in winter, I’m going to get some extra scarfs (if they are there) and a few extra boxes as presents for people like my mom!

Update March 2017: FabFitFun TV! – Spring boxes have just been sent, and one of the things FabFitFun added for their members is FabFitFun TV. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about how little fitness stuff there is in the boxes, and I think this may be FabFitFun’s way of adding a lot of fitness stuff that won’t fit in the boxes. They say it includes ‘the best videos, from the world’s fitness elite’. It has yoga, toning, barre, pilates, cardio, and bootcamp videos to choose from. It’s funny because I just cancelled one of my online workout subscriptions, so I think this is the universe’s way of saying work out!

fabfitfun tv

An Extra Note If You Get FabFitFun As A Gift

If you get this as a gift, you will have to pay with your credit card. In order to enjoy all the things that FabFitFun comes with, such as add-ons, fabfitfun TV, and the community where you can talk, share, rant, etc., you need to have access to your account. So, if you get this as a gift, it’s a good idea to pay for it and then transfer the account (change the email) to whoever you bought it for so they can play with their account.

The problem is that the billing info will still be yours on their account, so you don’t want to do this with someone you don’t trust. It’s not that they will see your credit card number, because that doesn’t show up even when you try to edit it, but if they don’t change their payment information after your gift has expired, then you credit card will keep getting charged for their FabFitFun boxes and add-ons if they decide to get them.

If you are getting this as a gift, I would just make it clear that you want to pay for the annual subscription OR (if you don’t want to pay for an entire year upfront) for 1, 2, or 3 boxes, and then you would like them to put it under their own credit card if they want to continue.

Again, you will want to give to someone you trust if you are going to transfer the account to their email. Or, if you don’t trust them, just don’t give them access to the account for as long as you want to give them a box with your money. It’s a gift. I don’t think they will complain too much.

Should You Treat Yourself (Or Someone Else) To The FabFitFun Subscription?

Hell yes! As of this FabFitFun review, this is my number one recommendation for a gift to a woman! The chances are high that she will enjoy some – if not all – of the things in the box, and she will feel spoiled as she opens up her box full of products that total over $200. This is one of those gifts for women that will work on Christmas, birthdays, or any other occasion where the gift is specifically for her!

Learn more about how it works and get it here. Use the promo code BUNNIES for $10 off.

Note: If you begin your FabFitFun membership too close to when a seasonal box is being shipped, you will likely get a editor’s box as your first box. But, those things are awesome. You just have to do a quick check on YouTube to see how many people love their editor’s boxes from FabFitFun.

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