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Enjoying The Things Others Take For Granted

Enjoying the little things in life
Enjoying the little things in life

There is so much that I take for granted. I know this. But there is also a lot of stuff that I enjoy.

I get giddy when it comes to bedtime with a warm blanket and a cool pillow. I appreciate it every single time.

I love to go to my favorite restaurant with my husband and immerse myself in the culture. I get wide-eyed every time we go in there, and I giggle with excitement when they bring us our AMAZING food.

I love to watch the snow come down (even though I hate that my husband has to drive in it). But I appreciate the snowflakes and really immerse myself in the moment.

I love the rain! I can sit on my windowsill and listen to the rain forever. It is a sound that makes me relaxed, and it puts me in a meditative state quickly and easily. In fact, I often listen to pre-recorded rain to focus when I am doing something important.

Thunderstorms are one thing that always snaps me out of my to-do list and calls me to the window. I love listening to the thunder and watching the lightening…until it moves right over my house.

I found the following video about a little girl enjoying the rain immensely, and I cried like a baby. This is how I want to feel the majority of the time. Life is wonderful and there are so many things that happen that we forget to really stop and appreciate.

What can you appreciate today like this little girl? Go out and find ways to be as in the moment and as delighted as she was and your state of well being will improve instantly, no matter what state of well being you started from.

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