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E-Cubed Review: Interesting Experiments For A Better Life

E-cubed reviewIf you are like most people, you probably want to prove that everything you have heard about in The Secret or other manifesting, reality-creating, and happiness-encouraging books or videos. Pam Grout helps you do that with E-Cubed. I didn’t read E-Squared – so I didn’t totally understand what I was getting into. But, I’m sure if you liked E-Squared, you will like E-Cubed.

What Is E-Cubed?

It is a set of experiments to help you prove – to yourself – that all those wonderful things you hear about can actually work for you. Each chapter starts out talking about the theory of the topic for the experiment and includes some examples and thoughts to get you inspired and excited for the experiments.

The experiments are on common things that we are told can work for us, but possibly don’t use in our life yet, such as:

  • Money is nothing but just energy that is easy to attract
  • The more fun you have, the better life works for you
  • What I believe and expect is what I bring into my life
  • Nothing is set in stone even though I may believe it to be that way
  • Self-talk influences what shows up in my world

Each experiment takes 72 hours, and Pam gives you certain tasks to do to test the hypothesis for yourself.

What I Liked About E-Cubed

First, I liked the writer’s style. Pam Grout has a knack for writing in a relatable and easy-to-read way. She actually made me laugh quite a bit through her writing, and I could sense her positive energy in every chapter.

This is a book that reflects what I believe – or what I want to believe. For instance, my husband and I have been talking about how money is just paper and energy and it is easy to attract into our lives. The experiment on money helps you see that this is true.

I think many of us have tried to believe a common theory that we’ve heard with the law of attraction or manifestation, but when proof didn’t come, we gave up on it and rejected that it could be true.

This book helps to prove all those things you want to be true, and it increases your beliefs around the law of attraction and having the life you want. Can’t go wrong with a book like that.

The Downside Of E-Cubed

If the experiment doesn’t work for you, there is a chance you will be very ticked off about it and hold (or strengthen) a negative belief that works against you.

For me, the second chapter was a letdown (kind of). It focused on beliefs and expectations and how they affect what you draw into your reality.

In the experiment, you are supposed to look for 8 things, and they should appear within 72 hours. The hypothesis is that if you really decide to look for them, they are likely going to come. Well, I looked and looked and looked – and only saw one of them…the number 222. Everything else got lost out there in the world of infinite possibility!

The thing about me is that I truly believe that what you believe and expect you get, so this lack of evidence didn’t destroy my belief. I feel I had a lot of resistance to seeing the things in the experiment because they were kind of out of my normal everyday expectations.

Should You Read E-Cubed?

I think anyone who wants to prove to themselves that life is what they make it will benefit from reading this book.

Even though an experiment may not work for you, there are many great things to think about. Moreover, if the experiment does work, your whole life could be shifted around for the better.

The bottom line is that if you are interested in manifesting and attracting what you want in life, then this book will help you move beyond reading about what works and, instead, get you actively trying out the theories for yourself.

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Note: This book was given to me in exchange for an honest E-Cubed review – good or bad. No compensation was given for my time.

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