The Depressing Side Of The Internet 1

The Depressing Side Of The Internet

The Depressing Side Of The InternetTV has long been a source of negativity. Most positive people would say they don’t watch the news on a daily basis and, possibly, don’t want much TV at all. It bombards you with negative thoughts and images that can send you into a pit of despair very quickly. I know, that’s why I cut out the news over 16 years ago.

However, we now have another source of negativity to deal with: The Internet. Whether you work online or not, you probably spend a lot of time browsing the Internet, reading stories, and coming across pieces of information that you would rather not see. When a major event happens, the story and images are everywhere on the Internet.

According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, all sources of media may be more traumatic to your health than if you were actually inside of a negative situation.

The study showed that after the Boston Marathon bombings, exposure to six or more hours of daily coverage during the week were associated with HIGHER stress in participants than if they had been at the bombings.

In other words, if you want stress related symptoms from an event you were not even at, keep looking at stories about it.

Easier Said Than Done

The problem is that it is hard to avoid these negative stories.

Our friends share them on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured articles catch our attention and encourage us to read them.

We see advertisements for the story on websites (that seemingly have nothing to do with the story).

Media loves to talk about negative, controversial topics, and unless you are able to ignore all of their ploys to get you to read, you may be exposed to them on a continuous basis.

What To Do?

I have found that even though you come across these stories and images, you don’t have to focus on them. You can quickly click off the story and put your focus on something more positive.

Where you focus goes, your attention goes.

I know that negative stories can demand my attention and focus for hours, days, and even weeks after I hear about them. It is important to not let those stories suck you in and, when they do, put your focus elsewhere immediately.

Mind empowerment is not an illusion. You have the power to choose what you focus on; you just have to know how to change your focus.

For instance, check out the Silva Method explained in this video.

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  1. Nice post. Turning off some juicy stories is not easy. If you are going to try to focus on positive things then you have to be very disciplined. You have the power in you, only you can control what to see and what not to.

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