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I Deleted My Facebook Account! Scary? Yes. But Worth It!

Delete Facebook Account

Are you scared to delete your Facebook account? If you are, then you and I were in the same boat, but I pushed past my fear and did it anywase – and I feel amazing!

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Why I Deleted My Facebook Account

I’m sure you have your reasons for wanting to delete your Facebook account. My reasons were likely closely related to yours.

1. I wasted A Lot Of Time On Facebook

I work online, which means I blog, ghostwrite, and write eBooks. However, because of Facebook I didn’t have much time to do those things…I was too busy checking out ex-friends and what they were doing in their lives.

In short, I wasted a lot of my time checking in on other people’s lives and not living my own.

In my article about being happier this year, I talked about not wasting time and feeling productive at the end of the day. And, while I was feeling productive many days, it was not as productive as I could feel.

I knew that the time I wasted on Facebook could have been spent writing an extra article, working on an eBook, or just reading blogs that I’m interested in.

Heck, a nap would have been time better spent!

2. Facebook Made Me Sad

So many times I would see a post that would make me bawl my eyes out. As I get deeper into things like Unlimited Abundance, I am becoming more aware of the power I have over my mind. I can’t ignore the fact that when I watch or see something sad, it affects me in a negative way.

I’m not saying that I don’t want to admit that there are sad things going on out there, but I don’t need to overexpose myself to sad things. That’s why I cut out the news a long time ago, and that’s why I also cut out my Facebook feed now!

3. Facebook Made Me Angry

Not long ago, one of my ‘friends’ shared a video of a woman drowning dogs, and I got angry at my ‘friend’, the woman, and everyone who had ever abused a dog.

Even writing that makes me angry.

Again, being angry is counterproductive to what I am doing. Especially because one of my blogs (this blog) is called ‘Be Happy Tips‘. I’m trying to be happier in life, not angrier. Exposure to stupidity and jerks on Facebook all day does not make me happy.

4. I Couldn’t Stop Looking At My Facebook Feed – I Was Addicted To It

As much as I hated wasting time, feeling sad, and being angry, I couldn’t stop looking at it! I would go so far as to say that I was addicted to looking at my Facebook feed.

Can’t think of something to write? Look at Facebook feed.

Have ten minutes to kill? Look at Facebook feed.

Just stopped looking at Facebook feed? Look at it again!

It was like I could not stop clicking on my Facebook account (and to be honest, certain ex-friend pages) and it was driving me insane. It was an urge that I couldn’t control, and I don’t want to have any bad habits like that in my life…I’ve been working hard on adopting positive habits in my life.

How Do I Feel With No Facebook Account?

I relate it to the period where my husband and I stopped watching TV. The habit of watching TV was taking up hours of our day, and when we stopped watching it we suddenly had hours of extra time to do things that benefited our lives. We read, we talked, we went out, we played games…we focused on OUR lives instead of the lives of our favorite TV characters. That’s what I feel like now.

I feel like I am focused on my life and not my Facebook friend’s lives or the latest cute post or the latest viral video or the latest controversy.

Facebook is really a time waster and I feel like I have gotten a big chunk of my life back. That sounds ridiculous, but I’m hoping some of you can relate to what I’m saying.

Don’t Be Scared! Delete Your Facebook Account!

If you are contemplating it, don’t be scared. The hard part is hitting the delete button and getting over your urge to check out the latest Facebook happenings. Once you get past that and start focusing on your life, you feel enlightened.

Note, check out the ‘How to delete your Facebook account‘ page on Facebook.  It recommends downloading your info from Facebook before you delete your profile. I did that and was happy to see all of my pictures in the downloaded file.

15 thoughts on “I Deleted My Facebook Account! Scary? Yes. But Worth It!”

  1. I finally deleted all my friends off my page and moved on from facebook. I then set the page up for permanent deletion. I was tired of all the fake post or friends talking positive ALL the time. Nobody has a perfect life, but according to these fake people they always have an answer to the questions of life, always happy and not insync with the times we live in. I’m not hating because they are positive, but more mature people understand that in life there is balance, not always smiling, always in the good spirits it’s like it’s not the real person. I was just over it all, and no longer care to know about how you’re doing or if you’re alive for that matter.

  2. Hi, Kari I also agree facebook is one the waste social media which is always wasting my time. I’m always getting waste messages and notifications from unknown persons every day recently I deleted my Fb app and account in my mobile phone

  3. Hi Kari,

    I just deleted my facebook account a few days ago, I can totally relate to all of your reasons. Many times I would get angry or upset from a post. I really only had about 20 real true friends or family members – the rest were people I knew nothing about.

    1. I hear you! My husband is still on Facebook and he’s starting to lose faith in humanity because of it! I think he’s finally on the verge of deleting his Facebook account too.

  4. Took initiative and set my Facebook up for permanent deletion. I have done it before but missed it but the last time the reason for deletion was same as now. I see posts that rattle my cage. I can’t stand fake people. One friend I knew since elementary school yet saw her at the produce store and she looked at me and walked past by. And one big thing I have issues with depression etc and Facebook seems to kick it up more.

    1. Oh yeah… that’s another thing. Your ‘friends’ on Facebook run and hide from you when they actually see you in real life, yet they are quick to ‘like’ something you post on your wall. That’s so true!

  5. I am so at ease now that I too took the step to delete FB. Most of my family never call or text to see how me and my kids are doing anyways. It is a bit painful to see your own Mother make plans with my sister and not bother to include me. I also could not stand the fake lives everyone leads. Couldn’t take the hospital posts and what their daily menu looked like, how bad traffic was! ugh so much drama and negativity…not needed. xoxo to you all ! 🙂

    1. I know what you mean about watching everyone do stuff without you. It’s like they forget that you can see their profiles. I’ve also had friends not reply to my messages and later tell me that they only just got onto facebook. But, I could see them liking things and commenting on things in my ‘home’ feed for days before they decided to respond to me. It didn’t feel good to be lied to by people who should want to respond to you.

      1. Yes! Its more drama added to my life. I do have to say it’s been 4 days since I’ve deleted the account and I feel amazing, no drama no negativity…sad part my own family wont even pick up the phone to call me and see how my kids and I are doing…everything evolves around FB. Also can not stand when we are in family gatherings and everyone is face down on their phones feeding off the FB energy, its like they’re in a trans…Happy positive thoughts to all 🙂

  6. Hugo the historian

    I deleted my Wastebook for all of the aforementioned reasons everyone posted, but also because of self aggrandizement, along with the perilous and irrational 30 year old losers that unfortunately still think we’re in high school. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate all aspects of life but when you post daily pictures of yourself when you have 3 kids to raise and worry about, that’s when your done, Or the religious or political views that people have I can care less about. As time goes on people are becoming less educated do to technology and this shouldn’t be the case. Yet losers on wastebook are to brain washed to care about what really matters in life. Yes I am a historian and philosopher so I tend to look at things in a non linear fashion. I wish everyone past and present a happy fulfilled life, but when you don’t seem to care about yourself and post irrational, irreverent, shit that goes along way. I feel great now that I do have my account for facebook to sell to private corporations for info cause that’s what they do, you sign an agreement stating that from the beginning. If you actually think FB is free you deserve everything that you get. Seriously FB is a sham, scam, and whatever else your little brains delineate it as. So next time you see the social network movie just remember what you consist of. Life is about education, experience, and decisions, thinking critically, logically having empathy and altruistic tendencies/emotions. Meaning if your an idiot FB is for you. If you can think for yourself you can find better things to do with your life/time yes life/time. Workout your mind as hard as you do your body and you’ll see what I mean. I’m a modern stoic stuck in a world of scoundrels and have to put up with it until I check out. Well peace out ya’ll

  7. I deleted my FB account about 4 months ago and I feel great! No regrets. Facebook is a cancer in our generation. Not only FB, but Instagram and Twitter.

  8. I deleted mine i dont use facebook as much as u did because i have Twitter/snapchat/insta for all that. but yea facebook is a waste of time. i dont know how kids can use it in todays generation.

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