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Hypnosis For Stress? My Husband’s Diagnosis And How I Dealt With Stress

How To Deal With Stress: Is Hypnosis A Solution?
Sometimes You Have To Make Choices Towards Better Health. What Tool Will Help You Deal With Stress?

We all have stress, but sometimes life can get pretty darn stressful and anxiety can start to settle in and really affect our health. And, because of this it becomes very important to find effective ways to deal with stress. So, how about hypnosis for stress? Have you tried it?

The Stress

This past month, my husband has been very sick. We thought it was a flu-like thing, but after the symptoms would not go away, and all the other tests proved he was pretty healthy, he got an MRI. It turns out it is most likely Multiple Sclerosis (update: it is MS) and a neurologist is our next step to figure out what is going on. Looking back, the symptoms have been there, but this time the symptoms warranted more investigation.

The symptoms came to their peak at a very stressful time at work, and we thought his immune system had just shut down because of the stress. We knew we had to de-stress him a bit.

But, when his leg wouldn’t cooperate with him, and his dizziness was far beyond normal, we knew that something else was at play. Now that we know what’s going on, eliminating stress is more important than ever because we believe it has a big impact on health in the present and future.

In the future, I will be writing about other things we are researching and doing to help us both be healthier on this journey. But, for now, I want to talk about something that I have found to help me deal with stress during this time.

Hypnosis For Stress

Recently, I got a free welcome gift to Hypnosis Live and it included the hypnosis for stress relief. (You can click on that link and get your own free 30 minute hypnosis for stress relief session). I’ve been using it daily, and I’ve seen a great improvement with how I deal with stress.

When we got this news, it became even more necessary to use the technique I learned from this hypnosis session, and I have found it very helpful in eliminating stress around this situation.

In fact, I can honestly say I was very depressed when I got the news, and hypnosis is what helped me stop crying, get out of bed, and start moving forward again. So, I definitely recommend trying it out if you need to find a deal with stress or any other life event  – big or small.

The Hypnosis Live session for stress session is about 30 minutes long. It starts off talking about hypnosis and how it works. Then, you are led into a session where you relax deeply and listen to your subconscious for some answers you need to help you deal with stress when it arises.

There is a woman talking the whole time, and I find her very relaxing and non-distracting. You will have to try it out for yourself, but I think her voice would be a good fit for anyone to relax with.

A few things I find during and after they hypnosis for stress session are:

  • I’m in a very relaxed state
  • I’m able to focus and listen to my inner-self easier
  • I’m able to visualize better and really be present in those visualizations
  • I feel good and positive about negative situations, whether they have happened or could happen
  • I feel more relaxed and ready to deal with stress that comes from everyday life, stressful people, and stressful situations

The beauty is that the hypnosis session remains in my mind as I go throughout my day, and at the first sign of stress, the technique is the first thing my mind turns towards. That means I am actively seeking out a way to get rid my stress before I allow myself to get to caught up in the moment.

Now, obviously I am personally going through a high-stress time with my husband’s diagnosis of MS.

And, I can’t say that I didn’t tell off a waiter yesterday who was rude to my husband and then dwell on that jerk for hours afterwards feeling very stressed out. (That was in part due to lack of sleep – and sleep is another important stress buster in my tool kit!)

But, I can say that hypnosis for stress and other hypnosis downloads have definitely helped me rein in my stress on many occasions, and it will be a permanent part of my stress relief program from this point forward.

The Difference Between Hypnosis MP3’s or Hypnosis With A Hypnotherapist?

Get Your Free Hypnosis For Stress MP3 Here And Try It Out For Yourself!

Come back and let me know what you think about the hypnosis for stress session, and stay tuned for more insights about my husband’s diagnosis and how we deal with life from this point forward.

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  1. Love the image you used at the top of this post! Looks great and captures the situation many people are facing very accurately. In my experience, I’ve seen countless normal people deal with stress through hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions – so I’m of the believer camp and I always want to learn more about hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis to help other people improve their lives!

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