Dangers Of Having High Blood Sugar

Even though diabetes is often talked about when high blood sugar is mentioned, there are many different dangers of having high blood sugar that can occur even in people who do not have diabetes. You may be surprised at the issues that can be caused by high blood sugar.

1. Promotes Sleep Problems

Research has shown that high blood sugar and an impaired circadian rhythm are linked together. When sleep patterns are affected, levels of insulin in the blood can be affected as well, which prevents the body from maintaining control of blood sugar levels.

When your sleep pattern is affected, serious issues can arise. For instance, drowsiness from sleep deprivation can cause someone’s reaction time while driving to be that of a drunk person. Moreover, poor decisions at work and home can have negative effects on the outcome of various situations. For example, sleep deprivation played a part in the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island in 1979.

Other issues include health problems, both physical and mental, and weight gain, which in itself can lead to a whole host of health problems.

2. Increases Risk Of Infection And Death During Hospitalization

People who do not know they have high blood sugar or diabetes during hospitalization can quickly find out as blood sugar levels tend to rise when someone is seriously ill.

Studies have shown that there is an impairment of the body’s defenses when high blood sugar is present, and combined with the increase in blood sugar of ill patients, this can be deadly. For example, after surgery, blood sugar can become high and increase risk of infection and even death. Moreover, people who are critically ill have a high chance of death when their blood sugar is high.

“Death rates increased as the average glucose levels increased. This association was noted among people with and without diabetes.” – EurekAlert!

3. Shrinks The Brain

People who have high blood sugar are at greater risk of experiencing brain shrinkage that normally happens with diseases such as dementia. Even people who don’t have diabetes can experience an impact on their brain health with high blood sugar levels.

Shrinkage of the brain is associated with an increase risk in cognitive impairment. Judgement, memory, emotions, speech, movement, and more can be affected negatively by this.

4. Impacts Children

Children get a lot of things from their mothers, and low insulin sensitivity and a high risk for type 2 diabetes can be one of those things. Mothers who have high blood sugar during pregnancy are more likely to have children with low insulin sensitivity. Studies have shown that this is independent of how much body fat the child has.

Moreover, even a small increase in blood sugar during pregnancy can cause high birth weight, preeclampsia, and promote a C-section delivery. In short, high blood sugar has a negative impact on pregnancy and delivery.

5. Heart Disease

High blood sugar levels are linked to coronary heart disease in people living with or without diabetes. Moreover, if you ever experience a heart attack, the survival rate is much lower if you high blood sugar.


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  1. Low insulin sensitivity in a child cannot be blamed only on the mother as Diabetes (as well as other chronic diseases) follow genetic patterns and family lines. A mother with high blood sugars during her pregnancy is just as likely to have an infant that suffers hypoglycemic episodes after birth due the infant’s high levels of circulating insulin in response to the high levels of sugar delivered through the mother while in the womb.

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