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Comment Monday: You’re Always Being Scammed!

Comment: Are You Always Being Scammed?

This is the first of a new series I’m doing on this blog called ‘Comment Monday.’ I wanted to start this series because I get a lot of different comments on here that I would like to discuss as they often add more to the article or give me an idea for a completely new article.

The first in this series comes from an article I wrote about scams and how the word ‘scam’ is being used way too much online and too loosely as a description for things that are simply not scams. I still think that’s true, and the following comment that I received last week from someone named Axel on that article really drives home the point I was trying to make on how people are so quick to call something a scam.

Your wrong most things are scams!
The new car isn’t going to bring you happiness! The internet isn’t ‘freeing people’ to earn a decent living online, its exploiting people by driving down the payment they would receive if they did the job in an office full time(mechanical turk ring any bells?).
The way to lose weight is easy, eat less and move more, that’s it, no books, no courses, no lectures, nothing required. Now that’s not a scam!

Let’s define scam again: a dishonest scheme, a dishonest deal, a trick, a cheat, a dupe, a swindle!

Let’s Break Down The Comment

The new car isn’t going to bring you happiness!

First off, as someone who is getting a new car this week, I can honestly say that I don’t feel scammed in any way. I’m super excited for it, and it’s going to open up the possibilities for me during my week as my husband and I have been sharing a car for a few months, and I’ve been stuck at home with a bike and my feet to get me around.

While I understand that many ads and commercials and salespeople will tell you that you should buy something to bring more happiness or value into your life, I still don’t think those are scams. YOU get the final decision on what will benefit your life, and if you buy a new car from someone who happens to be promoting it, that’s not called being scammed – that’s just called buying something from someone.

Being scammed would be if someone sold you a car telling you that it was in perfect condition, and then having it fall apart a few days after buying it. That’s a scam.

Or, like my husband fell victim to, being scammed means falling for promises of real estate success through the Trump University, and then finding out that it was a bunch of nonsense that you paid way too much money for.

Or, like I fell victim to, being scammed means buying into the premise that you can create instant websites and make millions of dollars on them. I paid thousands of dollars to get this service by Adam Ginsberg called Speedlings, and within a few months, I regretted it big time because he was more about making himself money than helping other people make money. Plus the sites were dropped in the search engines quicker than a hot potato in my hands, and I can’t believe that Adam Ginsberg didn’t know that would happen. (Interestingly, I couldn’t find much about him online, which shows that most of the real scammers will drop off the edge of the earth eventually because nobody trusts them anymore!)

The point is that we are using the term too loosely when talking about things that we buy or use in our lives. Just because someone is promoting something doesn’t make them a scammer. That product or service they are promoting could be good for your life. And just because you buy something that may not be totally necessary for your life doesn’t make it a scam. It just makes it a purchase that you may or may not have totally needed.

The internet isn’t ‘freeing people’ to earn a decent living online, its exploiting people by driving down the payment they would receive if they did the job in an office full time(mechanical turk ring any bells?).

As far as the Internet goes, it’s totally freeing people to earn a decent living. Obviously, Axel does not work online.

Take it from someone who is making five times as much as she did offline as an office employee, I’m not being exploited at all. Nobody is using me. I’m creating a freelance writing business and blogging, and I’m earning an income that I could never earn in an office full time. Even my husband and his degree can’t touch what I’m earning and, believe me – he has expressed how frustrating that is for someone who spent four years in school to get his degree.

Yes, if you are willing to do things on places like mechanical turk or Upwork or whatever for pennies, then you may not be getting paid what you are worth. And if you are going to buy something from someone that promises things too good to be true online, then you are probably being scammed.

But, if you are willing to branch out and create your own business, learn about how to become successful online, demand more from your clients, and build relationships online, then you will get paid for the effort you put in.

The Internet is opening up a whole new level of employment for people, not to mention the opportunity to create a successful business. Please don’t let people like Axel convince you otherwise of that. If you can start a business online, the amount of success you will have is only capped by your ability to learn, work, adapt, and grow. There is plenty of online business/work that is not a scam.

The way to lose weight is easy, eat less and move more, that’s it, no books, no courses, no lectures, nothing required. Now that’s not a scam!

And, weight loss… well, there are a lot of products out there that give you false promises. But, losing weight is not always about eating less and moving more.

  • It’s about learning how to develop a healthy lifestyle, which many of us just don’t have.
  • It’s about changing your perception and mentality to help you enjoy healthy food and not feel deprived when you can’t overeat or eat unhealthy foods constantly.
  • It’s about having the support you need to make better decisions for your life.
  • It’s about knowing what is actually healthy and what is not.

And, sometimes you need books, courses, and lectures to help you change your lifestyle, your perception, and the amount of support you have.

So, sorry, Axe, but as someone who has struggled with her weight, I know it’s not as simple as just eating less and moving more. Sometimes you need to buy the information that can help you understand how to do that. And, there are plenty of products out there for weight loss. While some may be worthless, most are not scams. They are there to help you see things different and do things differently, and that is not dishonest in any way.

You’re Not Always Being Scammed!

Again, I feel that when you use the word scam so loosely in comments, in articles, or in social media posts, you are giving products and people a bad name when they really don’t deserve it. And, the more we use the word ‘scam’ in our everyday lives, the more we start to view the world as a place full of people who want to abuse and use us for their own gain, which I simply don’t think is true.

Furthermore, just because someone yells SCAM doesn’t mean it is. It’s just their perception.

Moreover, people telling you that something new could improve your life in some way is not a scam! You have to use caution and common sense. If something feels too good to be true, or if someone is trying to get your money for nothing in return, then it very well may be a scam. But when you are paying for products or services that are geared towards helping your life become easier or happier, that’s not a scam.

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