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Quote On Change: Are Your Circumstances Being Used To Change You?

Tough times define who we become. They can make us stronger, wiser, or more capable. They can also make us weaker and more scared. It all depends on how you choose to view tough times. The following quote on change is so important to remember during any time of struggle.

quote on change. Asking god to change

For example, my husband hated his job. He spent a lot of time praying to get out of it. But, what he realized after he did get out of it was that it taught him a lot about who he was, how strong he was, and what he wanted to do.

For instance:

  • The environment and challenges taught him that he was someone of integrity and capability.
  • The miserable and mean co-workers taught him how strong he was in the face of bullies.
  • The lack of happiness taught him that he didn’t want to do that particular line of work.

So while he was asking God to change his circumstances, God was using his circumstances to change him and make him stronger, wiser, and happier!

What are you asking God to change in your life?

  • Is there a chance that things are not changing yet because you are meant to learn a lesson?
  • Are you meant to become wiser or stronger?
  • Are you meant to learn something about yourself that you didn’t know but will help you moving forward?
  • Are you meant to see a truth that will make the rest of your life happier?

Looking for the lesson during a tough time doesn’t mean that life won’t change from bad to better. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Finding the lesson, and growing as a person, is what will help you get to a better life.

As I’ve said before when talking about another quote on change, change comes from changing our awareness. When you can see things in a different way, you can often do the things required to make the change you want.

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