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We Change Ourselves Only By Changing Our Consciousness Through Teachers

I don’t know one person who doesn’t want to change something. Even the most habitual person I know wishes that he could stop smoking. But, how does change really happen? The following quote on change says it all.

Quote On Change From In the Spirit Of Happiness

In order to change our consciousness, we need to experience and learn (the teachers). And I’ve found that while we can have many moments (or teachers) in life, it usually takes one big moment to really teach us the lesson that helps us change.

For instance, you may get a lot of lessons in life, in a lot of different ways, about how important it is to follow your passions. But being diagnosed with a serious illness may be the final ‘teacher’ that switches your awareness from a state of ‘I need to live,’ to ‘ I need to live in a way that makes me happy.’

Look For The Lesson In Every Moment – Especially The Difficult Ones

The moments and the people that are the most difficult usually have the most to teach us. If we look for the lesson, instead of resisting what is happening, that’s when our consciousness can be affected positively. That’s when big changes can happen.

For instance, my husband’s half-sister is estranged from his family, which only consists of him, his sister, and his mother. She just contacted them and asked two questions: Can you send me pictures of my dad? Am I an aunt? The last time she talked to the whole family (at her father’s funeral), she told them that she never wanted to see them again. My husband was 20-years-old at that time and his awareness around this situation was that she was crazy, because that’s what his mother told him. His mother and sister don’t understand why she’s trying to contact them and they are upset about it. My husband is different.

His half-sister has been a big teacher in his life. Not only did she teach him how to speak English when they moved here from Italy, she’s taught him that a sense of family is important to everyone – even people who act out of pain and disengage from their family.

He no longer thinks she’s crazy because his mom told him so. He no longer holds resentment towards her. He is aware that she was hurt when her dad died and took it out on the family, and now she is just trying to hold on to a sense of family.

Change Yourself By Changing Your Consciousness

So, remember, life is constantly trying to teach you things, and it is using a variety of people and circumstances to do so. If you want to change, you need to change your awareness around things. And, if you keep your eyes open for the lessons that can help you expand your awareness and change your mind, you will find that perfect teacher that can help you change your awareness and your life.

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