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Can’t Stop Feeling Sad, Bad, Glum, And Unhappy? This May Help

Feeling bad sucks. It stops us from living the type of life we want and enjoying the little moments that we should be enjoying.

For many of us, the crap that goes on around us, and happens to us, can make us feel sad and bad about ourselves and life in general from time to time. And for some of us, our repetitive negative thoughts can bring us down from time to time. And, for some of us, that time can last quite a while.

Feeling bad? Tony Robbins has some great insight to help.

One of my more popular articles on this blog is an interview I did with 8 people on how they pull themselves out of a sad mood. I think that by getting insight into how other people deal with the things we are going through, we can get inspiration to help ourselves overcome things we want to overcome.

But if that article doesn’t do it for you, I found a great video by Tony Robbins that may help. For a lot of people, what he says is really going to make sense. It’s short, so watch it all the way through!

So are you training yourself to get upset, frustrated, stressed out, or anything else negative? You must be honest with yourself in order to find out.

I was talking to a friend today about this video and she told me that she absolutely had trained herself to complain about money and how she spent it. It didn’t matter if she spent her money on something for her family or something that was unnecessary, she complained about how she spent it and how little money she had. And as she complained, she started feeling bad about it until her stomach started to turn and she felt like puking. It was a constant. It was a habit. And she realized that she needed to get out of the habit of focusing on money in such a negative way because it was blocking her from getting into better habits that helped her enjoy money and bring more of it into her life.

Are you focused on yourself and not on the greater good? As Tony Robbins said in the video ‘Motive does matter”.

As a blogger, I can attest that focusing on more than yourself is a great way to stop feeling bad. And as a woman who loves her husband and wants him to be happy, I also find it easier to get out of my head when I focus on him and how I can make his life better with my actions.

I find that focusing on more than yourself helps you stop any type of pity party that is starting inside because you get a break from the negative thoughts and emotions. So if you are feeling bad find a way to focus on helping someone else out (or the world out) – even if it’s in a small way.

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