Can One Small Change Help You Be Happy?

one small change be happyMy dad used to try to teach me golf. Even though I was very good at eye-hand-coordination with other things, I just couldn’t master the art of golf. He would get so frustrated with me because he could see the one little change I needed to make in order to improve my swing, but I couldn’t make myself do it when I was younger. However, when I was older, he tried to teach me that one little change again, and I was able to make that change, and guess what – my swing improved drastically. Just a slight difference, but it made the world of difference in how well I hit the ball.

Little Changes Make A Difference

I also remember a coworker telling me that they stopped drinking pop, just pop, and they lost 5 pounds. That is another example of how one little change can make a difference.

Now imagine a whole bunch of little changes together…what kind of difference could they make?

I have really been paying attention to my habits lately, and this ‘little change thing’ intrigues me, and it makes me do little things in my everyday routine to see how big of an impact it can have on my life.

I found this video of Tony Robbins talking about tiny changes, and it got me excited. I hope it gets you excited too.

So, how close are you to achieving your dreams, improving your life, and having everything you want? Maybe it is not going to be so hard to achieve. Maybe happiness is just around the corner. Maybe it is just a little change away…

Maybe you just need to incorporate some incantations – how hard is that?

As Tony said, successful people are willing to do what others won’t. I know many people who are not willing to make one small change because they don’t want to. It is too far out of the comfort zone…even that tiny little change!

My point is this: You can be happy. Don’t give up on your dreams and goals, because as tony said you may just be 1mm away. That is a great view to hold.

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