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How I Calm Down Quickly During Stressful Times

A woman who is calm and relaxed
It’s time to calm down…

Everyone has little, annoying things that happen throughout the day. They may seem like little things, but those little things have a way of making you tense, pissed, and stressed.

For me, this week has been full of them. And despite my continued studying and insight into the placebo effect, I can’t help but get tense when something stupid happens.

There are plenty of little things that can cause me to get stressed out instantly. For example:

  • Not being able to see what my neighbors are doing when they are making all kinds of noise outside.
  • Focusing in on the cars driving by (we live behind the only road into our community) and not being able to enjoy the silence in my backyard.
  • Writing for people (I’m a ghostwriter) who I later find out are just not good people.
  • Writing for people who have no clue what they are talking about, but who proceed to ‘inform’ me on a subject.
  • When the TV remote will not work for no apparent reason.
  • When my computer cannot keep up with my brain and freezes as I sit and stare helplessly.

These are all things that make my body tense up and throat get tight.

What I Use To Calm Down In The Moment

I do use tapping sometimes. But, sometimes I find it is a lot of effort. I don’t know if I am just lazy, or if I’m just too tense to raise my arms and start tapping. (Maybe I should just start forcing myself to do it because I know that it works for me.)

The best way I find to get in the moment and stop focusing on my dog – or whatever other stress is occurring, is to use my senses. It helps me to come back into the present moment where there is no continuous noise, frustrating technology, or irritating people.

For example, right now I hear the trees in the backyard through my window. The leaves just came in for the season (like literally in a day) and I can hear them rustling on this awesome windy day. I appreciate the sound, and it makes me grateful for the moment.

If I take a second to look away from my computer, I instantly see the sun coming in through the window in my living room, and it reminds me that there is a lot of life going on right now – including the change of season and weekend fun. I am grateful for that, and I am starting to feel calmer.

sun coming in through the living room
This picture would not flip upright for me on here – good thing I’m using my calm down technique!

Now I can both hear the trees and see the sun – bonus.

Sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, and listening to your intuition  are all things that can help you calm down in the moment and quickly get over that frustrating or irritating situation. You just have to take a second to get away from the frustration and move into the present moment, feel gratitude, and then multiply that gratitude with more ‘in the moment’ thoughts.

Deep Breathing Also Helps

Of course, one of the most popular methods to calm down and get in the moment is deep breathing. I think it is quite a natural thing to do, because everyone automatically does it when they are trying to collect their ‘cool’ and get back on track.

Just make sure you do belly breathing, like in the video below. Chest breathing, I find, can make you more stressed out in the moment!

Do you have any tips or tricks to calm down and get out of that stressed and anxious state that often occurs from little and annoying things? Please feel free to share below!

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