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Book Nook: Hay House Blogger Community Or Selfish Hay House Project?

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Book Nook Program

Getting free books to review is fun, especially when they are books that are released by Hay House and you happen to be a huge self-improvement nut like me. Everyone who has a personal blog is supposed to be able to join the Book Nook community, which is subtitled ‘A Hay House Blogger Community’ by Hay House. But, sometimes it seems a little more self-serving if you ask me.

What Is The Book Nook Program All About?

Essentially, books being released by Hay House are put on this site and can be read by members in exchange for a review. For instance, my Mind Calm review was done after I received the free physical book from the Book Nook program (so glad I got that that book!)

You can only review one book at a time. So, you have to finish reading and post your review before you can start a new book.

You have to put a 200 minimum review up on your site and another one (doesn’t have to be 200 words) on a consumer website, and from your site you have to link to the book on a consumer website. You can use an affiliate link to Amazon if you want. And, you have to include an FTC disclosure with your reviews.

What Kind Of Books Can You Review?

Most of the books are non-fiction. This is Hay House, and Hay House releases a lot of personal development books in regards to happiness, manifestation, love, health, forgiveness, etc. Right now, books available for review include E Cubed by Pam Grout, Adventures of the Soul by James Van Praagh, Don’t Die With Your Music Still in You by Wayne W. Dyer and his Daughter Serena Dyer, and Love Never Dies by Jamie Turndorf, Ph.D. There are 17 books to choose from, so there is really almost something for everyone.

Most of the books are in eBook format; although, if you don’t have an e-reader, you are supposed to be able to contact them and order the book in physical format. I haven’t tried that myself, but it says you can in the instructions on the site. And, some of the books are only available in physical format.

What Do I NOT Like About The Book Nook Program?

It’s easy to tell you what I like. I get to read books that I want to read for free and review them for my site. It is a win-win situation for me and for the writers and Hay House who need more reviews for their books. However, the Book Nook program itself has some faults.

First, I ordered a book and it was only available in physical format. That was over a month ago – and I still have not received it! That’s insane. Considering that you are supposed to have the review submitted within a month, it seems ridiculous that I’ve been waiting for over a month for my copy.

Second, support is not that good in the Hay House Book Nook program. They have not responded to some of my emails, including my emails about this book that I’m supposed to be getting. For me, the support system behind a company shows what the company is all about. Considering that Hay House is supposed to be about making other people’s lives better, you think their support system would be much better. I’ve even contacted Hay House support directly (outside of the Book Nook program) and received no reply. It’s not like I’m harassing them. I have simple questions about the program that I would like answered. That’s simply not cool for a huge company to be like that. But customer service as a whole seems to be taking a nose-dive in this day and age. People are getting away with treating their customers like crap and, so, why would it stop?

Third, they have rules set in place for how long your review should be, but I have seen many bloggers who do not meet the minimum word count during their review. In fact, their book review is barely a review. I realize we all have different ways of reviewing books; but, at least give it some effort! But why should they? Their reviews get accepted anywase, and they are allowed to get more free books from Hay House to review after submitting a crappy review. In short, while I like to write a longer review, it does tick me off that some people don’t even try but still get to participate

Lastly, I had a friend apply to be a part of the Book Nook program with Hay House, and she didn’t even receive a notice as to whether or not she was accepted. That was a few weeks ago, so I imagine if I’m not receiving a reply on my question about a book being delivered (or, maybe not being delivered at this rate), then she should not hold her breath for a response from them.

Again, that’s a little bit sad for a huge company that is supposed to help other people progress in life. To me it makes a company look selfish – as if they are saying, “we are only in this for the money or reviews and your concerns are not really of huge importance for us.”

If customer service seems to change for the better, I will update this review. But for now, they are pretty disappointing.

Update: I received a response today, so that is definitely something positive to add to this review of the Book Nook program. The response was this:

I apologize for the delay. I’ve gone ahead and deleted your request of Slimming Meals that Heal so you can go ahead and request another title.

We are in the process of finding a permanent employee to handle the blogger program as Nika has moved out of the area. Once again, my apologies for the delay.

Should You Join Book Nook?

Yes, if you have a blog and want to review Hay House books in an honest way. It is a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest books and give your audience a peek into what they can expect from the book.

But, don’t expect stellar customer service. Maybe it will improve, but today is not that day.

I feel that the response I got was pretty fair. I imagine that their customer service aspect for this program should be improving once they find someone to oversee the program. It still doesn’t explain why Hay House itself gave me poor customer service when I inquired about the expected date the book would be sent to me, but as far as the blogger program goes – I’m a little more satisfied, and I hope that you will be completely satisfied.

Click here to check out the Book Nook program

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