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How To Instantly Be Happier At Work

Be happier at workThe daily grind can get…well, grinding if you hate your job! It can be hard to get up and get out of bed. You may spend more time complaining during your day than anything, and when you complain a lot (about anything) it is very hard to be happy. In short, if you hate your job, then chances are that hatred has made you an angry or sad person who spends the majority of the day feeling like crap.

I hear you! I have worked in the crappiest jobs and I also hated going into work.

But the truth is that you have to go to work. Short of winning the lottery or going on assistance, you have do something every day to bring home some money to pay bills and put food on the table. There is no getting around it.

I’m not going to tell you that you can be totally happy at your job, because if it is not your dream job, then you may never be. But you can be happier at work instantly by applying the following techniques.

Deal With Coworkers Without Anger

Often, one of the biggest issues people have with work is their coworkers. There are liars, backstabbers, jerks, and gossipers at every turn waiting to make your day just a little more miserable.

First, check out a great article on how to deal with difficult co-workers here. Just by looking at the poll on that article, you will see that many people are probably dealing with the same kind of coworker you are, and this can help you feel a little better about your situation; you are not going at it alone.

Second, remember that no one has the ability to make you angry. You choose to react in a negative way to their stupid behavior, and THAT makes you angry. So, choose your happiness over a negative reaction. Make yourself top priority. Recognize them for who they are (shallow, misguided, unhappy, negative) and what they are trying to do to you (bring you down with them), and then move on with your day on a positive note.

Focus On The Good Aspects Of Your Job

Yes there are some good aspects to your job. Every job is worthwhile as long as it contributes to the world in some way. If you view your job as something that contributes to the world in a positive way, and focus on doing the best job you can, then this can instantly help you be happier at work.

For instance, I was a housekeeper at a hospital when I was younger. I hated the job. I felt as though other people viewed me as the ‘lowly housekeeper’. However, when I realized that I was playing a big part in helping people becoming healthy again, or at least helping them to enjoy their stay a little more at a place that isn’t always enjoyable, I changed the way I viewed my job. Don’t get me wrong, it was still not my dream job, but at least I was able to go through my day feeling decent about what I was doing instead of miserable.

So, what are the good aspects of your job? How are you contributing positively to the world or the people around you? Focus on that as you work.

Start Making Plans Towards Doing What You Want

Often we can start to feel stuck at a miserable job, which makes us feel even more miserable.

There is something that you want to do: a dream job. What is it?

When you start to put your focus towards your dream job, and starting making a plan to help you get into that job, then you will feel better instantly at the current job you are in. You will start to feel a little less stuck, and a little more in control over your destiny.

The key is that you have to take action. You will feel better just thinking about getting your dream job, but if you don’t take action towards getting it, then in a few months you will feel like crap again.

Your Idea Of A Dream Job Is Not Everyone’s Idea Of A Dream Job

If you are in a job that you think you should like, then understand that you don’t have to like it. This simple insight can help you to be happier by knowing that you don’t have to be stuck there forever.

I have worked at jobs where my coworkers really enjoyed doing what they were doing and wouldn’t have traded it for anything; however, I was not them and didn’t feel as though I wanted to be doing that job forever.

Often parents will tell you that you have an amazing job and you should stick with it because you can’t do much better. But the truth is, if there is a job that you would rather be doing (no matter what it is) then they don’t know what they are talking about, and your happiness is in your own hands, not theirs.

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