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Be Grateful And Show Gratitude – Even When You Feel Like Crap

Be GratefulOne of the habits I developed in the past few months is to write down what I am grateful for every single day. If you don’t do this – start. There is no way around it…writing down what you are grateful for, even when you feel like crap, helps you to see that your day, week, or life is just not that bad.

Using Evernote For Gratitude

Many people use a gratitude journal to write down what they are grateful for. I used to do that, but I found that I would often forget to write in it or just not find the time to write in it, for whatever reason.

I now use Evernote to write down what I am grateful for.   I use OneNote now. But I still love the electronic way to do it!

I find that it is the best way to do this because I can use it on my laptop and my iPhone and, therefore, write down what I am grateful for no matter where I am or what I am doing. This comes in handy when I really need to be reminded what I am grateful for when I am not close to home!

You can easily make a notebook in evernote titled ‘Daily Gratitude’ and then just add a new note of gratitude each day. I make a list in the note, such as:

  • Woke up on time today
  • Got to say goodbye to my man this morning
  • Slept good
  • Drinking some amazing coffee!

I love, love, love using evernote as my gratitude journal. I highly suggest you try it out.

There Is Always Something To Be Grateful For

The more you write down things you are grateful for, the easier it will be to see that there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. It may be very small, but it is still something.

For instance, your back may hurt, but at least you do not have a permanent deformity that causes you to be in bed all day.

Or, it may be raining, but at least you have a warm, dry home to be in.

When I am hard pressed for something to be grateful for in my own life, I find little things outside my window like:

  • The sun providing light
  • The squirrels
  • The birds
  • The fact that I can view things through my window

I can’t express how beneficial noting what you are grateful for is.

  • It helps you to see the light in a dark tunnel.
  • It helps you to keep moving forward through tasks that are not fun, but that are beneficial to your life.
  • It helps you to find new ways to see things in a different light and experience gratitude.
  • It helps you to be a more positive person.
  • It helps you to be a more loving person.

The list goes on and on.

The More You Are Grateful, The More You Have To Be Grateful For

I like what he says about your gratitude journal being something you can communicate with to your family. Even though I am not planning to have kids, I can see how it will be something that will help out my nieces or nephews in times of struggle.

In other words having a gratitude journal goes beyond you and your benefits.

Gratitude Can Make You More Successful

I have yet to see a successful person who is not grateful for what they have. If you find one, please point them out to me! As I go through my Philosophers Notes, I see the theme of being thankful through many great minds.

The truth is that gratitude helps you to keep moving forward and going after your goals. As you note what you are grateful for, you can clearly see that there are many good things in your life that occur because of your actions, and this makes you want to take more action and experience more good things in your life.

For instance, I am commonly grateful for the money I make throughout the month – right down to the individual sales. The more I write down the fact that I am grateful for this or that, the more I work towards better statistics and more sales. And, the more I see results.

It hasn’t failed yet.

In the end, I’m surprised I haven’t written about gratitude on this blog before. It is truly one of the best things I do in my day, and I recommend it to anyone regardless of who they are, where they are, and who they want to be.

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