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Why Do Bad Girls Have More Fun?

Should you be a bad girl or a good girl
Should you be a bad girl or a good girl?

Are you a good girl? Do you do everything by the rules and make sure that you please everyone you come into contact with? Do you strive to be viewed as the girl who can do it all and take care of other people’s needs as well? If you answered yes, then you are most likely a good girl.

Good girls can have fun, but not as much as bad girls. Why? Because the freedom that comes with being a bad girl can never be obtained by a good girl. Good girls have too many rules that they need to live by to let go and be the person that they really want to be

4 Reasons That Bad Girls Have More Fun

Being a bad girl is not a bad thing. Just because you are not always on your best behavior and living up to other people’s standards doesn’t mean that you will be shunned by society.

In fact, being a girl who lives by her own rules, with some solid morals in place, can help you be admired by others while experiencing the life you were meant to live at the same time.

Plus, bad girls have more fun. Following are four reasons why.

1. Bad Girls Don’t Have To Hold a Certain Reputation

They don’t have to act the way they think other people want them to act because they only answer to themselves and their own desires and passions. For example, they are not trying to make other people think that they like to cheer on the sidelines of a sporting event when they would rather be involved in the sporting event.

Bad girls accept their true selves, and they don’t need to be anyone else to prove that they are worthy of love, admiration, and respect. When you have the freedom to be yourself, you have the freedom to enjoy your life.

2. Bad Girls Have More Confidence

Bad Girls Have More Confidence

When you have the ability to be yourself, you allow yourself to be honest with your true desires in life. You explore activities and concepts that interest you instead of activities and concepts other people tell you that you should explore.

The more you know who you really are and live the life you want to live, the more confidence you will have in yourself. Self-honesty and confidence go hand in hand.

3. Bad Girls Attract More Guys

Girls who live by their own rules attract guys for many different reasons.

  • They go against the grain so they create a feeling of excitement in guys.
  • They exude confidence, which is super sexy to everyone, including guys.
  • They enjoy being with themselves so they do not carry any kind of pressure towards getting into a relationship. And we all know that guys love no pressure!

Bad girls get to enjoy attention from guys wherever they go. And, let’s face it, it is nice to have attention from guys!

4. Bad Girls Don’t Settle In Relationships

Because they know their self-worth and value themselves highly, they don’t pick just any guy to date. They want a guy who is going to treat them right and make them feel good, and they don’t feel the need to settle for anything less.

For this reason, these are often the girls that end up breaking many guy’s hearts. They win over a guy with their confidence and independence and then reject him when they realize he’s not what they are looking for. These are the type of girls that guys have a hard time getting over!

Being A Bad Girl Is Not A Bad Thing!

In the end, being a bad girl doesn’t mean that you have to be mean or morally unsound. It just means that you don’t have to live up to what others define as being ‘a good girl’ or, in other words, a girl who lives by the rules set out for her and her gender.

You are true to yourself and your desires, and if you are a good person with ethics and morals, your life plays out in a happier and more fulfilling way.

4 thoughts on “Why Do Bad Girls Have More Fun?”

  1. Being a bad girl may not be a bad thing as everything depends on the intent. But being a bad human and having a bad character is a differnt thing though.

  2. I think Being a bad girl is not a big thing. As it can protect you in a way. The main thing is You should not a bad human who hurts and destroy others and play with other’s emotions. Specially this (bad girl) should not affect the family relations….

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