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Are You Gay If You Like Taylor Swift?

Are You Gay If You Like Taylor Swift?

I’m taking care of my friend’s kids right now – a 13-year-old girl, and two boys ages 14 and 17. I haven’t been around teenagers since I was a teenager, so it is very interesting to see the similarities and differences from when I was a kid.

One of the main differences was the discussion on being gay. The 17-year-old ran down the stairs on the day that gay marriage was declared legal across the US and celebrated with an enthusiasm that was awesome to see.

He is straight, but he is part of the gay-straight alliance in his school, and this was a huge win for him. I’m so happy that there are these alliances in schools that are teaching kids to be accepting of others.

The Difference Between Now And 20 Years Ago

I was 17-years-old 20 years ago. I can honestly say that there were no openly gay people in my school. I’m sure there were many gay people, but no one would dare make themselves known because the word ‘gay’ was used in a derogatory way and no one wanted to be labeled like that.

In fact, it was not something we gave much thought to when I was in high school because no one really came out.

But, my 17-year-old nephew says that he has lots of gay people in his school, and he lives in an extremely small community. So, it’s awesome to see that the level of awareness and acceptance has grown.

According to him, though, being gay is still an issue for some kids in his school – and bullying is still very much alive. But at least it is an open issue now and not hidden away in the corner like it was when I was a kid.

Everyone can finally openly celebrate their love in whatever way they want.

Are You Gay If You Like Taylor Swift?

I was scrolling through Yahoo Answers, and I found a question from a guy who likes Taylor Swift. He said that some people had told him that he was gay because he liked her, and he was feeling bad about it. He wanted to know if he was gay because he liked her.

Here’s the thing: You are only gay if you like the same sex. What your interests are, what you do, and what you believe in doesn’t make you gay.

Moreover, being gay is not a bad thing! It doesn’t make you less of a person. It just makes you gay.

Hopefully in another few years, the term will not be used as a negative term. But until then, at least we have made progress and are moving forward with awareness, acceptance, and rights.

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