Are You Doing What You LOVE For A Career?

Are You Doing What You LOVE For A Career?

I really want you to think about this. Do you really love your career? The truth is that most people either love or hate it.

But some people don’t have a clear-cut answer.

Possibly it’s as Deshawn says – “Those that are indecisive never think about the love/hate relationship they have with their career. They are too focused on providing income for their household.”

That’s a very good point! Sometimes there are bigger things on the mind than how much you love your career.

And sometimes, you just don’t want to think about it.

But, the truth is that you work a lot. In fact, working and working related activities are, on average, about 8.7 hours out of your day. – Source

Therefore, it should be something that you are thinking about because it can have a big impact on your overall happiness.

If you hate what you do every day, that negativity is going to leak into your relationships and home life in some way.

And, if you love what you do, that positivity is also going to leak into your relationships and home life in some way!

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How Can You Tell If You LOVE What You Are Doing?

The best way to tell if you are doing what you love for a career is to ask yourself this question: If I won the lottery, would I quit my job tomorrow?

Many people will give a big “Hell yeah!” to that question. Are you one of them? Would you stop what you are doing and start taking 24-hour vacation days for the rest of your life?

If you answer yes, then you don’t LOVE what you do.

If I won the lottery tonight, I would probably spend some time understanding how to get my finances in order, thank God for the great gift, and start putting that money to good use in my business.

I wouldn’t stop working.

I wouldn’t stop looking forward to doing what I’m doing.

I would, however, continue doing exactly what I’m doing right now. I would just have an easier time doing it!

In short, I would be able to add to my career, not run away from it.

It Hasn’t Always Been That Way For Me

If I look at some of the jobs I’ve had in the past, I know that I would quit my job in an instant.

But, I have grown to know who I am and what I deserve.

I wake up each morning looking forward to the day and what it will bring me.

Work is Like Marriage… 

Following is some great insight from Ann Smarty.

While I think it’s very personal and can be slightly different from person to person, the generic rule remains the same: If there is only ONE reason that keeps you at that place (e.g. money), it’s probably not the right fit.

Marriage is my personal analogy here: You can’t be perfectly happy in your marriage every single day, every single moment of your life. Sometimes you’ll have gloomy days when you feel miserable and think you hate your life. Sometimes you feel hurt, angry, you name it.

But at the end of the day, if that relationship is right for you, you can’t imagine your life without that person and there are thousands of little and huge reasons why: Because you want to come home to that person every evening, because he/she is the first person you want to share your sadness and happiness, simply because you want to be there with that human being and the thought that you’ll be together for the lifetime is comforting, not scary…

Your career is the same: You can’t love every aspect or day of it. You’ll find yourself stuck, annoyed, angry some days. But do you really want to quit? Is your income the only reason you keep doing that?

If no is your answer, then you’ve chosen the right thing to do in your life. And to me, it doesn’t really matter if you work for yourself or you have a boss, or both.

If you want to do that for your whole life, you just know that!

So remember when you are asking yourself if your career is the right career for you, stop and think about the question, ‘Would I quit this tomorrow if I won the lottery?’ and use that answer to fuel your happiness by putting more effort into your current career or finding a new one that you can happily answer ‘NO!’ to.

Here’s a good thorough personality quiz to help you understand yourself and your career choice better. I never suggest blindly believing quiz results, but it can inspire some ideas and direct you! (Thanks for this tip Anna!)

How To Find Work You Love by Scott Dinsmore

Following is a TED talk about what Scott discovered about finding the work you love. It’s a long one at about 17 minutes, but it may help you find the work you love.

Note: Quick thanks to everyone who helped with this article that I haven’t already mentioned, including Don, Phil, David, and Cormac.

3 thoughts on “Are You Doing What You LOVE For A Career?”

  1. Very well put. I really enjoyed reading this post. Work is definitely like a marriage. You have to work at it in order for it to be successful. To be happy with your career is to be happy with yourself.

  2. I am a blogger and a full-time internet marketer. I love my job. It gives me freedom to work on the timings that are most suitable for me. If you ask me the question that do I love my job?, I would say yes.

    1. I know what you mean! Today I’m feeling pretty sluggish, so I get to relax and do things that don’t take a lot of energy. I would never be able to do that if I wasn’t working for myself online.

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