Here’s My Story

Jason Wells

My name is Jason Wells, and I think it’s important to be happy.

It’s crazy to even have to say that it’s important, but if you look around today in this fast-moving, ever-changing world, you see a lot of unhappy people.

You hear about a lot of people who really don’t like their lives, and that makes me upset.

It makes me upset because I was one of them.

I was stuck in a job I despised, in the wrong relationship, and just generally didn’t do what I needed to do for my well being.

I wasn’t exercising, I wasn’t saving money; I was bringing stress into my life when I could have avoided it.

But not all problems in our lives are so simple. Many of us have the job and spouse thing tied down, and we aren’t stressed from money, yet we still don’t find ourselves happy. I’m here to help with that.

It’s not easy to “stop and smell the roses”, as they say, but that’s because nobody taught us how.

Nobody said, “This is how you can be happy,” and gave us the time to see for ourselves.

I’m here to give you that time. I’m going to give you tips, tricks, and advice on living a less stressful life, and an overall happier life.

Perception, truth, honesty—basic building blocks of a quality life—all come with a blueprint to give you the best possible outlook, and increase your happiness if you apply them properly.