I spent years thinking that happiness was a choice, and I still believe that. But even more than it being a choice, I strongly believe that happiness is a habit.

For instance, my dad is a very negative and grumpy person for the most part. He is happy on Christmas. He’s even happy on some days where we are doing something fun as a family. But, the next day after a full day of him being positive, laughing, and feeling good, he goes right back to his normal grumpy and negative state. Why? Because he’s in the habit of being grumpy and negative. So, he can try to be positive for a day, but because habits are so powerful, they pull him back in and he sees the world through a negative lens again.

I wish he would become happier, but he doesn’t like to try new things or adopt new ideas or beliefs into his life. In fact, he doesn’t even listen when you try to suggest new ways of doing stuff and seeing the world.

It’s unfortunate for him. But, its a good reminder for me that happiness is a habit, and if I want to be happy, then I need to develop that habit.

That’s what this website is about. Its a journey of building the habit of happiness through various techniques. It’s about trying things out, learning what works, throwing out what doesn’t, and consistently becoming happier and more fulfilled in life.

My name is Kari, and my goal is to become happier and more fulfilled in life and help others be happier and more fulfilled in life.

Some tidbits about me:

I currently own two dogs. One Miniature Pinscher (12 years) and one Miniature Schnauzer (6 years) see pic.

    • I have no kids.
    • I am  39
    • My husband is Italian (YES!) and he is the only accountant in the world who always gets frisked at airport security. That’s right he looks bad-ass I guess.
    • I live in Alberta, Canada, in a town that used to be small but is growing rapidly.
    • I have been a vegetarian since I was 15.
    • I have gone to college three times. Once for Chemical Technology. Once for Interpreter For The Deaf. And once for Veterinary Assistant. To say I didn’t know what I wanted to be was an understatement!
    • My passion is writing. I would love to write fiction in the future but, for now, I blog and ghostwrite.
    • My pen name Bellaisa Filippis was created because, when I started online, I was told to keep my writing separate through different pen names. So I created that name for my relationship sites and used my real name on personal development sites. My husband’s last name is Filippis, and my beloved dogs name at the time was Isabella, so I flipped that around!
    • I have been on a serious personal journey of self-development for 11 12 13 years now, and there are some truths that I have learned along the way. These are things that I can talk about with complete sincerity, but, of course, there is much more that I want to learn and experience in regards to my own happiness and much more for me to write about.
    • I have a huge interest in all things paranormal. I experienced a ton of stuff as a kid (and an adult) that changed the way I viewed the world, and because of that I would be an idiot not to be interested in it!
    • I believe that our energy, much like the universe’s energy, is always flowing and we have the ability to flow into a new state of being.

I hope you will join me on this personal development quest by:

– Sharing your thoughts, concerns, beliefs, and opinion in the comments below the articles on the site.
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Looking forward to what will come!