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A Morning And Evening Cleaning Routine That Has Made Me Really, Really Happy

Routine For A Clean House

I have had friends who live in a very messy house, and I’ve always considered my home quite clean in comparison. But, still, my husband and I have never cleaned our house daily. Instead, we have tried our best to pick up after ourselves and keep things kind of clean – and then do a really big clean when we know someone is coming over.

That kind of life has led to anxiety about people dropping in. I was terrified that someone would come over and see my dirty kitchen or want to use a bathroom that had not been fully cleaned for a week. TERRIFIED!

In addition, I would get upset about the house being dirty. It was overwhelming to me, especially during times where I was so busy during my day that I just didn’t have any energy left to clean up. It caused me to get grumpy and stressed out, which caused my husband to get stressed out too.

Those days are gone! The other day I was on YouTube and one of the recommended videos has literally changed my life.

The video is done by a woman named Jen. She is a sweet woman who gives tips on her YouTube channel ‘How Jen Does It‘ on things such as cleaning, food, and organization. But, the video I saw was of her doing her morning routine in her bathrooms – one of the places in our home that can easily get messy, but also one of the places that I really enjoy having clean. It just feels good to have a clean bathroom!

Anyway, I watched her video and instantly adopted a variation of her routine. Basically, I have made it a routine to wake up, use the bathroom, and then clean all the bathrooms in the house (we have 3). I feel so good about myself I can’t even tell you in words how cool it feels to have clean bathrooms every single day.

After that revelation, I went back and watched her do her evening routine in the kitchen and quickly added that to my life as well. There is nothing better than waking up to a clean kitchen that doesn’t require much work during breakfast or lunch. It truly makes you feel good!

There are also other tips in these videos to help you routinely keep your home clean.

So, if you feel like your home could be cleaner, then watch Jen’s videos. Implement her routines into your life, or create your own, but make sure you create a daily routine. I’m telling you, your happiness will thank you!

I’m going to post her cleaning routines in the order that she recommends. Her night time routine sets her up for a clean home in the morning and makes it easy to keep the house clean throughout the day; therefore, it is the one that should be watched first.

Jen’s Night Time Routine

Cleaning up the kitchen, laundry, tomorrow’s to-do list, and getting ready for the next day.

Jen’s Morning Routine

Waking up, quiet time, laundry, bed, breakfast, and bathrooms. This routine really inspired me to create and stick to a morning routine that benefited my life in some way…not just cleaning. I make the bed, clean the bathrooms, clean little things I see along the way, and do my yoga all before I make my coffee. And it feels great! Thanks Jen!

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